Greatest Hits

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The Greatest Hits of Orquestra da Bida Airada were performed yesterday, at Radio Faneca Festival, in Ílhavo. With this performance preparation came the invitation to record an album and to publish a book, a very important landmark for ondamarela.

Published by 23 Milhas, ondamarela coordinated the recordings, the performance and the texts of the essay “To think the orchestra”, included on the book. It was a unique oportunity to firm ideas, to re-think, to debate about the things we love to do.

Salzedas Monastery – Heritage Days Festival

Dias do Património a Norte – Programa de Mediação – Salzedas

O Programa de Mediação do Festival Dias do Património a Norte, da Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte, é concebido, desenvolvido e implementado pela ondamarela. Nos dias 18 e 19 de Maio, no Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Salzedas, foi assim. Obrigado a todos quantos participaram, foram incríveis. Vídeo da Maria Nunes.

Publicado por ondamarela em Domingo, 3 de Junho de 2018

The mediation program of this festival is developed and executed by ondamarela.

On the 18th and 19th of May, in Santa Maria de Salzedas Monastery, it was like this.
Thank you all, it was beautiful!

Video by Maria Nunes.

Miranda do Douro… Loading

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In Miranda do Douro, for the Heritage Days Festival from Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte, a community performance is being prepared. Come, it’s next saturday!
With: Helena Oliveira e Paulo Meirinhos

Em Miranda do Douro, para o Dias do Património a Norte da Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte, prepara-se a performance de comunidade. Venham, é no próximo sábado!Com: Helena Oliveira e Paulo Meirinhos

Publicado por ondamarela em Quarta-feira, 30 de Maio de 2018

Bida Airada Orchestra – 2018

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Today we’ve been in this place explaining how wonderful it is to have a CD and a book of the Bida Airada project. The festival Rádio Faneca continues to be a space for creativity, diversity and good vibes.

Come to Ílhavo, 8th to 10th of June!

Mewġa Mużika – Chapter 3

Vasco Mendes takes us to the depths of Malta’s music communities in this third episode of the documentary on Mewġa Mużika, an ondamarela project for Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture. Sink in to Malta and its amazing sounds and join us, signing up today!


Salzedas Monastery

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On the 18th e 19th, the festival “Dias do Património a Norte” happened at the Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Salzedas, in Tarouca. Ondamarela conceives, coordinates and executes the mediation and community-based projects of the festival. We created the game, designed and illustrated by oof design, we coordinated the visits and developed a Community Project, directed artistically by Paulo Pimenta and Samuel Martins Coelho.

Pop Up Concert!

After one of our workshops, last saturday, we picked our instruments and went to La Valletta with our music and our energy.
This is only the beggining!

This is happening:

Publicado por Mewġa Mużika em Sábado, 5 de Maio de 2018

Santa Maria de Arouca Monastery

On the 20th and 21st of April, in Santa Maria de Arouca Monastery, ondamarela’s work was like this.
Thank you all!


Game on!

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To “Dias do Património a Norte” Festival, of Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte, ondamarela conceives, coordinate and executes a game to visit each one of the monuments. In close coolaboration with  OOF Design, this is how the one created for Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Arouca looks!

Arouca Monastery – Alive!

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Last weekend we celebrated the Cultural Heritage European Year, with the “Dias do Património a Norte” Festival opening. This is an experience-based program on the north of Portugal incredible heritage.

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