Ondamarela values and practises reflection about its work, its vision of culture and the subjects around its work. It promotes and participates in thinking moments and debates about Art, Culture, Places, Education and Community.

Programming in the peripheries – debate

Ondamarela was honored to take part, this week, on the debate “Programming in the peripheries: What? For whom? With whom?” promoted by Access Culture – Portugal, in several different portuguese cities simultaneously. It was a very interesting talk and an opportunity to meet other cultural agents and their practices. Thanks to C. M. Famalicão and Access Culture for the invitation! The whole program here:


Fado Lousada – the movie

Our project Fado Lousada gets now a movie, with the presentation of the documentary by Maria Nunes, that accompanied the whole process and the final result, on the concert. After this presentation to the participants, we’re glad to share this work with the world. Thanks Maria, thanks Pedro, André and Patrícia, and of course, thanks to the wonderful artists onstage.
For now, here goes the teaser!

Access Culture – interviews ondamarela

Ondamarela was interviewed for the publication “Beyond the Physical: Barriers to Cultural Participation –  A tour around Portugal” by Access Culture association. We were yesterday at the “Access Culture Week” at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, at the presentation of this work.

Access Culture does very interesting and useful work and it was a huge honor to be invited to think and talk about our daily work.

The final report, that, more than our interview, brings a broader understanding about the inclusive practices of the portuguese cultural area, can be accessed here.

ondamarela at Bolsa de Ideias

Na última segunda-feira encerrámos o primeiro ciclo da BDI em grande! Obrigada a todos os que participaram, em especial a Escola Montessori do Porto, AMBIEDUCA, ondamarela e Le Passe Vite. Vemo-nos em Setembro!

Publicado por Bolsa de Ideias em Quarta-feira, 30 de Maio de 2018

Ondamarela was one of the participants of the last edition of Bolsa de Ideias, in Porto, dedicated to Education.

Thanks for the invitation!