Training in Mirandela

Ana has been involved in training activities for professionals in our field, all over the place.
Once again, she will be part of the incredible group of trainers for the Nexos program at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, next year, in Mirandela.
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ondamarela at Fira Tárrega

ondamarela was at Fira Tárrega with Outdoor Arts Portugal.
What a privilege!

People, Places, Art


Ondamarela celebrates 8 years of existence this week.
8 years of sweat, hugs, smiles and tears, a lot of work and a lot of


ondamarela on the Ítaca magazine

Ondamarela is the highlight in the 3rd edition of Ítaca, the magazine of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.
Accompanying our work at Odisseia Nacional, we talked about how we started, our vision, what interests us to do.

Check it out and we hope you like it!

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Cenários Presentes

This weekend we will be at Cenário Presentes, of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, talking about important things with people we care about.
Come to Torres Vedras!

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Gilde – Aldear, 2023

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Last weekend there was another Aldear coordinated by ondamarela, in Gilde, Castelo de Paiva, Portugal.
It was a very intense process, very beautiful, very poetic. The community of the small village united around its specificities, its memories, its desires for the future and participated in a moving way in the various dimensions of this Aldear.
Thank you Gilde, for everything you taught us, for what you made us feel, for what we could create together!


photos by João Roldão

Who Are We?

I’ve already invented ways to massage the eyelids.
I miss the salt.
If I knew, I would fly.
I’m afraid to die.

‘We, who are we?’ is the interrogation, transformed into a project, that guided the work of ondamarela in Castelo Branco.
Last weekend, it was the moment of presentation of the project that explores the matter of which the ties of a community are made. At the Municipal Market of Castelo Branco, the elements that participated in the project, a new community, presented their voice, discovered through words, theater and music, and revealed the different bonds that formed a new “we”.
And we were forever connected to a group of people so diverse, so special, so unique.


Very special thanks to Cine-Teatro de Castelo Branco and to the Municipality, to InterrogAção, to the Professional School of the Conservatory of Castelo Branco, to Amato Lusitano-Associação de Desenvolvimento, to Art’Kompany, to Universidade Sénior Albicastrense – USALBI, to Teatro Tramédia and to “Nós com os Outros-8G”.The Atos program is an initiative of the D. Maria II National Theater and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Photos by João Roldão

Another Som Sim Zero documentary!

The Som Sim Zero documentary on this year’s tremor was released.
What a beautiful film, what a great pride for all those who see it here.
Thank you Tremor Festival, thank you Asism Açores, thank you Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe, thank you to everyone involved, thank you Fundação Galp, thank you Canal180!

Som. Sim. Zero!

What a man is capable of

In 2020 we were invited by the Municipality of Guimarães to create a show with the community of S. Cláudio de Barco, based on the work of José Mário Branco. With such an inspiring motto, we started our exploratory sessions and soon the country closed, the world closed, our lives folded, in a global pandemic.
Last Saturday, May 13, 2023, we finally took this joint creation to stage, at Grupo Cultural e Recreativo de Barco.

Many thanks to the community of S. Cláudio de Barco, Guimarães, who made this project a generous process of sharing and encounters. Thank you to the Municipality of Guimarães for ExcentriCidade, to the Junta de Freguesia de Barco, to the Gcrbarco Association, to the Senior Living Room and to everyone who crossed paths with us. Special thanks to Lais Pereira for the wonderful photographic eye.

“And who dies embraced
To the life next door
You won’t live alone”
José Mario Branco

Participatory music creation workshop

Ondamarela is in Nicosia, Cyprus, invited by EDGE NETWORK and Festival Tremor, to a participatory music creation workshop. It will be beautiful, sharing our tools with Cypriot musicians with such different experiences and backgrounds!


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