Bons Sons – Fourth Manifesto-Video

Este é o quarto vídeo do projecto de interpretação do Manifesto do Bons Sons. Realizado por @Vasco Mendes, este vídeo…

Publicado por ondamarela em Domingo, 28 de julho de 2019

This is the fourth video from the Bons Sons Manifesto interpretation project. Directed by Vasco Mendes, this video was very beautiful to make. It is the result of very emotional and special conversations with a group of very special people: the inhabitants of this magical village. Thank you so much for your energy, Cem Soldos.
✔️For territorial projects
We invest in people.
✔️For sustainable action
We are not planted.

Canais Fanfare

A partir de hoje, até Domingo, a Fanfarra dos Canais percorrerá as ruas de Aveiro! Juntem-se a nós!#festivaldoscanais2019 #aveiro #ondamarela #oma

Publicado por ondamarela em Quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2019

Today we start the 2019 version of the Fanfare, for Festival dos Canais!

Another year, the same joy on the streets of Aveiro, in a project that goes through all the days of the festival, finishing in a performance on Saturday afternoon.

Thank you again for the invitation, thank you OMA, thank you all the participants, it’s beautiful!

GENAU – Festival der Regionen BürgerInnenorchester

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And our work for the wonderful Festival Der Regionen 2019 has come to an end.
Over the past 6 months we have worked with communities in Upper Austria to create the opening performance of the Festival. We have contacted more than 500 people of all ages and backgrounds, created texts, music, debated ideas, in a process of discovery and constant dialogue.
Learning habits, learning customs, learning culture and creating from it, was the challenge.

On June 28, the opening concert of the festival involved people of all ages, with all kinds of musical skills, completely committed to the theme of the festival, so dear to us: Social Warmth.
Thanks to Airan Berg for the invitation, thank you to the organization of the festival, thank you to all the artists we met, especially those who generously participated in our show (VolxFest e Centriphery / RADschen Wanderung), thank you to all the participants, thank you to all who helped to “warm up” the project with love, sympathy and humanity (thank you Marie Louise, Nikola Schiekel, Knoll family). Thank you Gerti Tröbinger and Tamina Mayerwöger, without you it would all be very different. Thank you Tim Steiner, thank you Manuel dos Reis, for the talent and efficiency.

Access Culture Prize 2019

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Ondamarela was honored with the Access Culture Award 2019 – Social and Intellectual Access!

It is an immense honor for us to receive this recognition and encouragement from such an inspiring entity. Many thanks to all those who invite us to develop work, thank you very much to everyone who participates in it, thank you to those who give us this prize.

Variações – Community Concert

Variações – Concerto de Comunidade, foi o pontapé de saída para o programa de homenagem a António Variações da Braga Cultura 2030, concebido e coordenado pela ondamarela. Obrigado a todos os participantes, pela sua generosidade e talento. Obrigado Pedro Santos, André Nunes, Patrícia Costa e Manuel Dos Reis por todo o trabalho, dedicação e talento.Obrigado a toda a família Ribeiro e ao Grupo de Cantares de Fiscal. Foi um enorme privilégio ter-vos connosco.Obrigado Braga Cultura 2030 pela aposta e confiança. #variações #antoniovariações #bragacultura2030 #theatrocirco

Publicado por ondamarela em Quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2019

Variations – Community Concert, was the kickoff for the tribute program to António Variações of Braga Cultura 2030, conceived and coordinated by ondamarela.
Thanks to all the participants, for their generosity and talent. Thank you Pedro Santos, André Nunes, Patrícia Costa e Manuel Dos Reis for all the work, dedication and talent.
Thank you to the whole Ribeiro family and to the Fiscal Cantares Group. It was a great privilege to have you with us.
#variações #antoniovariações #bragacultura2030 #theatrocirco

Bons Sons – Third Manifesto-Video

Continuamos a ilustrar o Manifesto BONS SONS 2019 em vídeo, com trabalho na maravilhosa comunidade de Cem Soldos….

Publicado por ondamarela em Sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2019

We continue to illustrate the BONS SONS 2019 Manifesto in video, working in the wonderful community of Cem Soldos.

✔️For active aging. We are a huge home.
✔️For community teaching. We grew up with the village.

Video of Vasco Mendes

Bida Airada 2019 – instrumental

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At this year’s Festival Rádio Faneca, Bida Airada performed three times, as the outcome of the three artistic residencies developed.

Sunday, it was the instrumentalists turn, coordinated by António Serginho, did their performance at Drogaria dos Vizinhos. A success!

Bida Airada – Voices

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At this year’s Festival Rádio Faneca, Bida Airada performed three times, as the outcome of the three artistic residencies developed.

Saturday, the group coordinated by Rita Campos Costa and José Figueiredo presented the work created at the voice workshops. A musical route, sensory and very funny, involving the whole audience in a very special way.

The smiles say it all!

Bida Airada 2019 – Estranhofones

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At this year’s Festival Rádio Faneca, Bida Airada performed three times, as the outcome of the three artistic residencies developed.

Friday, the group that conceived, draw and executed the Estranhofones (Strangeophones), coordinated by César Estrela and Samuel Coelho, revealed its work, on an amazing little performance.

After that, all the audience was invited to experiment the sounds of the created “estranhofones”.

Documentary – Tremor2019 Opening Concert

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Fundação Galp was the generous sponsor of one of the most beautiful projects we were involved with.

Canal180 did this documentary about it.

Luis Banrezes Kitas and Antonio Pedro Lopes had the idea.

Carolina Brito was behind it all from start.

Tremor Festival… is this.

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