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The news prepare our next trip to Austria, for Festival Der Regionen.

Videos, chronicles and news on the local media address ondamarela and the next workshops dates, starting from 15th of March.


Portas do Tempo – Vila Nova de Cerveira

The last edition of the performative visits of Portas do Tempo, in Vila Nova de Cerveira, was a great farewell. This was a project where we learned, experienced, enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks to Comédias do Minho and the Teatro do Noroeste, Talkie Walkie and Raul Pereira and to all the artists and participants. It was a beautiful journey!

Tremor 2019 – first workshops!

A ondamarela está pela ilha a trabalhar com a nossa escola de música preferida do mundo, a Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe. Juntos agora mesmo em residência artística para o Tremor Festival 2019. <3Vejam tudo pelo stories ig & fb do Tremor!#tremor2019 #tremorfestival19

Publicado por Tremor em Sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2019

Ondamarela was this weekend conducting the first workshops to create the opening concert of Tremor 2019. We worked with the wonderful Music School of Rabo de Peixe and with our dear ones of “Som.Sim.Zero.”, from last year.
S. Miguel island continues to be beautiful!

Fim de trabalhos para a residência ondamarela com a Associação de Surdos de São Miguel (Asism Açores). Estreia a 9 de abril, na abertura oficial do Tremor Festival 2019. 🙌 #tremor2019 #tremorfestival19

Publicado por Tremor em Domingo, 17 de fevereiro de 2019

Festival of Regions

Ondamarela is in the North of Austria, developing a community based project, to the opening of the Festival of Regions, on the 28th of June.
A Community Orchestra that is recruiting everywhere!


Die ersten Workshops mit ondamarela waren großartig! Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten! JedeR ist eingeladen mitzumachen -…

Publicado por Festival der Regionen em Quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2019

Portas do Tempo – Paredes de Coura


Antes de nos dirigirmos para a última Porta do Tempo, que se abre a 9 de Fevereiro em Vila Nova de Cerveira, recordamos de coração cheio a nossa visita-performativa em Paredes de Coura com Álvaro Domingues e Manuel Tur, muito bem acompanhados pelo Mais Teatro Amador Courense e as dançadeiras do Rancho de Vascões, com cenário da Madalena Martins.

Publicado por Portas do Tempo em Quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2019

How lovely is this video of the Portas do Tempo program – Paredes de Coura, with a performative visit by Álvaro Domingues and Manuel Tur, in the beautiful and protected landscape of Corno do Bico.
Thank you very much to Mais Teatro Amador Courense and the dancers from Rancho de Vascões for their participation. And thanks to Madalena Martins for letting us use some of her magnificent works.

The feeling of us – workshop at Douro Creative Hub

Next saturday, 26th January, we’ll be at Trás os Montes e Alto Douro University, coordinating a workshop for the programme Douro Creative Hub. Sign up here!

Nós 19!

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The concert of the Community Orchestra Nós 19 was a success!
Here are some photos by the great José Caldeira.

Nós 19 – It’s today!

And today it’s the culmination of last months work in “Nós 19”.

The media has been covering it, as it’s already sold out:



On the 2nd part of this news of RTP, at 17:19

Público (report)

Público (photos)


2018 – review

Two Thousand and Eighteen was the third year of the official activity of ondamarela. We have been with a lot of people, in many places, doing very different things. It was a super special year in which we worked hard, experimented a lot, met and learned a lot. It was intense, it was beautiful, it was important.

With Mewġa Mużika, at Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture, we set up a community project that culminated in the 9 September concert with Tim Steiner directing and Joana, Serginho and Miguel Ramos helping in the final round . This project now takes beautiful steps of emancipation, with Norman, Ray Borg, John Bryant, Reece Delia and the other wonderful. A special thanks to Vasco Mendes for the talent, company and such a good fit.

Tremor is love, we noticed from the first hour that we came across Luis Banrezes Kitas, Antonio Pedro Lopes and Kin Caxull. The invitation to work with the wonderful people of Asism Açores became the Som.Sim.Zero, a project with Samuel Martins Coelho in which we still managed to involve a group of generous musicians from S. Miguel, such as Tiago Dias, Filipe Ponte, Hugo Leite, Jorge Moniz, Vasco Salgueiro, Pedro Santos, Alfredo and Yara, Luis, Jorge and others that we can not identify here.

Two Thousand and Eighteen was the year in which the Orchestra of Bida Airada, 5 years of existence, recorded an album and wrote a book. 23 Milhas – Ílhavo, the year in which the theme of Rádio Faneca was “the archive”, embarked on this adventure of producing and editing “The Greatest Hits” of our Orchestra, with a set of essays, reflections and joint questions about this work , how we see it, what it is for, what it leaves in people. It was an extremely important moment for us and we must thank all those who have been in this work: Serginho, Pedro Cardoso, Teresa, Manuel Dos Reis, Ivo and all those who have already passed by the Bida Airada Orchestra (and there are already so many!). But of course, words of thanks for the vision, opportunity and trust to Luis Sousa Ferreira, Vanessa and all the wonderful team of the 23 Milhas.

The Heritage Days of the Regional Directorate of Culture was a very important project for us. Thank you António Ponte, Elvira Rebelo and Cidália Duarte for your trust and openness to our proposals. We also have to thank Opium, Joana and Carlos Martins for the invitation and Ana Pedrosa and Carolina Rufino for the accompaniment, interest, friendship and solidarity throughout this journey. We conceived and executed the Mediation program for the 8 events, in the 8 monuments of Northern Portugal. We created a visit-game for each of them (with OOF Design, Juliana Sá, Artur Carvalho) and the map designed for Arouca received an honorable mention in the Graphis awards. Thank you Cláudio, Marina, Pedro and Angelo for your talent and for the opportunity to see you work closely. We also organized guided tours of the communities in each of the places and a collaborative artistic performance that always brought together invited artists and local groups. These incredible artists were: António Serginho and Sara Yasmine in Arouca, Samuel Martins Coelho and Paulo Pimenta in Salzedas, Helena Oliveira and Paulo Meirinhos in Miranda do Douro, Lavoisier in Vila Real, Ricardo Baptista and Teresa Melo Campos in Vilar de Frades, António Miguel and Artur Carvalho in Outeiro, Patrícia Costa, Nuno Preto and Samuel Coelho in Mogadouro, Sara Yasmine and Artur Carvalho in Sambade. A special thanks to the hundreds of people from different communities, who have given incredible things to this project, leaving us always moved by the dedication and commitment they have made.
A special hug to Mauro Rodrigues, companion, producer and friend who leveraged all this work. An extra kiss to Juliana Sá, for the creativity and good vibe. Thanks to Maria Nunes for the talent and love layer that you feel in these videos.

We also played the fado in Two Thousand and Eighteen, in the project “Fado Lousada”, with André Nunes, Pedro Santos and Patrícia Costa. Thanks to the Municipality of Lousada, to Luís Ângelo Fernandes and the people of Lousada, who were so special. The Maria Nunes documentary will be out  there, public, soon.

In Two Thousand and Eighteen Access Culture interviewed us for the Report “Beyond the Physical: Barriers to Cultural Participation”; how much honor.
With the friends of talkie-walkie and Raul Pereira we programmed the performative visits of Portas do Tempo, a program of CIM Alto Minho, in a joint organization of Comédias do Minho and Teatro do Noroeste – CDV. We must thank all participating communities and artists who have accepted the challenge of participating in a new concept: Rebecca Moradalizadeh and Samuel Coelho in Monção, Manuela Ferreira in Ponte de Lima, Daniel Moreira and Rita Castro Neves in Ponte da Barca, Joana Araújo and Ricardo Baptista in Valença, João Gigante and Ricardo Baptista in Melgaço, Tânia Dinis and Juliana Sá in Viana do Castelo, Helena Oliveira and Miguel Ramos in Arcos de Valdevez.

Fête de la musique Echternach asbl and the Konterbont asbl once again invited us to a lightning work with communities in the area, which we did with Samuel.
We conceived, with OOF Design, the “Memory Assistant” for Casa da Memória de Guimarães, a mediation device to be presented in 2019.

For the HISTORICAL VILLAGES OF PORTUGAL, we have developed the extensive and demanding survey of the identity gastronomy of each of the 12 villages of this network.

From the invitation of Lovers & Lollypops and the Municipality of Mondim de Basto, we participated in the 1st edition of the magnificent Salto da Graça, with a performance with Mondim musicians, on the second day of the Festival. Special thanks to Márcio Laranjeira for his support and confidence.

This year we also started a project for the Festival der Regionen in Austria, which will culminate next spring. We visited the magnificent northern region of the country so that, with Airan Berg and Tim Steiner, we would meet with all the potential participants to design the best way to approach the challenge, which will focus on the concepts of “Social Warmth”.

In December, Vozzzzzzzz!, a project developed with the Academia de Música de Vilar do Paraíso for the Foco Famílias program of the Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli . Campo Alegre. It was very cool!

And still with Tim Steiner we’re in the final preparations for production week of “Nós 19”, a large-scale musical project developed for the Coimbra Região de Cultura program of CIM Região de Coimbra. The concert is on January 12 at the Convento São Francisco big hall.

Two Thousand and Eighteen was also the year that Sara Fernandes came to work with us. That means her name could be identified in all these things: thanks Sara!

And lastly … we updated this site, with the help of Cláudio Rodrigues, so if you feel like it, give one or more sneak peeks.

GOOD 2019 !!!!

Vozzzzzzzz!, yesterday at Teatro do Campo Alegre

Publicado por ondamarela em Domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2018

Yesterday, in the Foco Famílias program of Teatro Municipal do Porto, ondamarela and Academia de Vilar do Paraíso presented “Vozzzzzzzz!”.

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