Song of my Bida ;) – Ílhavo Brass Band

Last Saturday we were also at the Banda de Ílhavo headquarters, for a Song of My Bida, the project that creates a song from scratch, in each session.

It was so good, thank you all!

Change Your Life – It was like this!

The third weekend of the Variações program, under the beautiful eye of Maria Nunes.
Here are the Workshops, the Theater Residency and the Performative Conversation. It was a beautiful weekend.

Bida Airada – Problems Machine

Following the evolution of the Bida Airada project in Ílhavo, this year we created a “Machine of Problems”. With the help of the Friendly Fire collective and its LQFUB spacecraft, we held a group survey, collection, selection and categorization of problems session last Saturday with the Quinto Palco colective. It was a poetic and dense but fun session. And we contributed to the creation of a portfolio of subjects to be addressed in the forthcoming manifestations of Bida Airada.
Thank you all!




Change Your Life – debuts tomorrow

We are preparing the theater residency show.

Come feel the “variações pulse”!

Video by Vasco Mendes

Variações – Change your life!

Next weekend, we come to the third round of the Variações program. This time under the theme “Change your Life”.

This time, the music creation workshop is a partnership with Braga Media Arts and, therefore, highly technological. The Arts Workshop on Sunday advances to new and increasingly sophisticated challenges.

The Performative Conversation will be at RUM concert cafe, by GNRation, and our guests will be pianist Joana Gama and visual artist Miguel Januário (±).

The theatre residence with communities, coordinated by Nuno Preto, challenged Malad’Arte and the Planalto Group, such as Sobreposta’s choir and ensemble. Come and see!

Training at MILHA

At MILHA – Festival of Music and Musicians of Ílhavo, we coordinated a Formation in the form of Creation Workshop. There we shared collaborative creation strategies and exercises, listened to a lot of music and created brand new, all together. It was very inspiring.
Thanks to Serginho for his usual talent. And to the Peixe, with whom we started this adventure.

Não sabemos se já sabiam, mas é possível criar canções lançando notas que se unem para falar de roxo, calvície, roupa de…

Publicado por 23 Milhas – Ílhavo em Sexta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2019

Canção da Minha Bida – CODA

This year, one of Bida Airada’s regular activities is the “Song of My Bida”. The proposal is to be with a group during one session and, from the white sheet, create a song.
Today we were with a very fun group of parents, students and teachers from the CODA music school in Gafanha da Nazaré. And we made an amazing song, which will be in the portfolio to cover in the next manifestations of Bida Airada.
It was very cool, thank you all.

My Dreams Are Not Equal – teaser

The second weekend of the Variações program starts tomorrow.
Video by Vasco Mendes.

Variações – My Dreams Are Not Equal!

“My Dreams Are Not Equal! – second weekend of Variações Program. Subscriptions and Informations on these links!

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