Folia – Miranda do Douro

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The last Folia, in Miranda do Douro, took place Saturday, 10th September.
It was a moment of enormous emotion, to finish this great undertaking with that explosion of joy and love that was lived there.
Thanks to Município de Macedo de Cavaleiros, Câmara Municipal de Vinhais and Município de Miranda do Douro for the invitation, thank you Galandum Galundaina for the openess and for embarking on this adventure, thank you to our wonderful team, Patrícia Costa, Helena Oliveira, Susana Abreu, Paulo Meirinhos, Alberto Fernandes, who designed proposals with us, guided workshops, followed this entire journey. And the most special thanks to all the participants, from the three municipalities, who gave us their incredible contributions, sometimes with great personal effort, always with enormous dedication, trust, responsibility and a sense of mission, of commitment. There is a Feeling of Us that was ingrained in those rehearsals, in those afternoons of work, in those clothes, in those gestures, in those sounds. And that never comes out.
Thank you Banda Filarmónica 25 de Março – Lamas, Universidade Sénior de Macedo de Cavaleiros, Lérias Associação Cultural, Mirandanças Associação, Escola Municipal de Música de Vinhais and Associação Cultural, Recreativa e Desportiva de Agrochão.
Photos by Pedro Sardinha and Esfera Similar.

“Como pedras que persistem juntas
Somos Firmes
Somos filhos desta
Terra Quente
Terra Fria
Do Planalto
Somos Nós”

Folia premiered!

The premiere of our Folia, with the Galandum Galundaina and communities of Macedo de Cavaleiros, Miranda do Douro and Vinhais, took place last Saturday, August 20, at Praia da Fraga da Pegada, Azibo. It was a very beautiful night, full of music, dance and joy. Foliage, there it is!
On the 27th we will be in Vinhais, come on!


Sete + Sete were a lot!

And our Sete e Sete, the project that brought together 14 municipalities of the CIM Viseu Dão Lafões, came to an end. It was a show full of joy and good vibes!
Thanks to all the participants and our wonderful team: Tim Steiner, Ana Bento, Rita Campos Costa, José Pedroso Lima, Mauro Rodrigues and Nuno Machado!

More photos and info here.

Preparing Folia!

In Vinhais, Macedo de Cavaleiros and Miranda do Douro, Folia is being prepared with the band Galandum Galundaina.
We’re developing video, dance, scenography and music workshops, exploring sounds, gestures, images, ideas. All very beautiful!

The shows are on the 20th of August in Macedo de Cavaleiros, on the 27th of August in Vinhais and on the 10th of September in Miranda do Douro. Follow it and come see!

Sete e Sete – Open Call

We are in the area of Viseu Dão Lafões. Sete e Sete is a project led by Tim Steiner with the help of Ana Bento, Rita Campos Costa and José Pedroso de Lima.
Registration is now open to join the CHORUS of this great orchestra that brings together people with different musical experiences, from each of the 14 municipalities of the Viseu Dão Lafões Intermunicipal Community.
The final show will be presented on the 17th of July.

Join us and register here.

Tremor 2022 Documentary

Meanwhile, this year’s documentary of our work at Tremor Festival is out!
You can watch it here, in english.

Som Sim Zero in Rock in Rio Lisboa

Som Sim Zero will be on the 25th of June at Palco Galp SPOT, at Rock in Rio Lisboa, at 15:00.
Many people have come to film and record our rehearsals at Cine-Teatro Miramar, in Rabo de Peixe, S. Miguel Island, Azores and there have been many questions and many answers. We are very anxious!

Reportagem Vídeo – Jornal de Notícias

Reportagem Vídeo – SIC

Reportagem Vídeo – RTP Açores

Reportagem Rádio – Antena 1

Reportagem Jornal Açoriano Oriental


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Ondamarela is in the region of the 14 municipalities that make up the CIM – Viseu Dão Lafões creating an entirely new and original community performance, attended by people from all over the region. Directed by Tim Steiner, the work is currently based on exploration sessions with various communities, in order to collaboratively create a set of musical materials identifying the region and the participants. The concert will take place in Viseu, on the 17th of July, and was presented to the press last week. In the coming weeks there will also be an open call for open participation in this project, called Sete e Sete.

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