Culture: essential service

Next June 8th we will have the honor of being with Hugo Cruz (creator and cultural programmer), Madalena Victorino and Giacomo Scalisi (Artistic Directors of Lavrar o Mar), Márcio Laranjeira (Lovers & Lollypops) and Vera Mantero (dancer and choreographer, O Rumo do Fumo) in the debate “Culture: essential service” promoted by Access Culture.


The “Culture for All” portuguese program, which aims at social inclusion through culture, is no longer a priority. Funds that have not yet been committed (some simply because contracts have not yet been signed) will be allocated to measures to mitigate the direct effects of the pandemic – for example, the purchase and production of health equipment and protective goods. A new line of financing, “Cultural Network Programming”, favors cultural programming with the potential to leverage tourism and allows a different approach – more comprehensive in terms of audiences.

These clarifications on the part of several government agents provoked a heated debate for several reasons: for the view that one has of Culture and its role in society; the understanding of democratic culture; at least the contempt they seem to manifest in relation to working with people who are usually excluded from life in society in general, and cultural participation in particular; by the hierarchy of services considered essential for citizens, where, for example, Health is more essential than Culture.

And it is. That said, during the state of emergency, and now of calamity, most portuguese resort to Cultural services more than (fortunately) Health services. One thing is as essential as the other.

Because the themes associated with this subject are many, in this debate (which may be the first of many) we would like to focus on a specific aspect. Assuming that Culture is an essential asset, how is it perceived by professionals in the sector and guardianship? What language do they use to position themselves in relation to this fact? How do they feel framed by the country’s economic and social logics? Does an essential good need “support” or investment? Is an essential good served by professionals who receive fees or by aficionados who receive charity? Does the support / investment aim to support professionals in the sector or guarantee the right of access for all citizens to enjoyment and cultural creation?

Online debate: access link


And Bida Airada, how is it going?

This year Bida Airada is taking place at a distance. But we are very happy with the results of the work of this wonderful group of people. We have also been working hard to feed the site, which at the moment is very fun, here:

And the weekly zoom sessions, how have they been going?
This way:

The third drawer!

Our Closet project continues, in an attempt to collect an emotional portrait of the pandemic crisis, to later work it artistically.
We opened the third drawer of this closet. Come and answer!

Mewga Muzika – Documentary

And here is Vasco Mendes’ final documentary, which accompanied our entire project for the European Capital of Culture, Valletta2018.
A beautiful poem about Malta, the Maltese people and music. Thank you Vasco!

The Portuguese subtitled version is here:
The premiere had a beautiful conversation with Vasco, Tim Steiner, Airan Berg and dozens of participants. It was so good to see all these people again!

Mewga Muzika documetary Premiere

Publicado por Ana Isabel Bragança em Domingo, 24 de maio de 2020

Mewga Muzika Documentary – Premiere!

This film is all about the artistic look of the amazing Vasco Mendes.It shows Malta, maltese people and Mewga Muzika through Vasco's poetic lens. Here goes a sample of this…Este filme é muito acerca do olhar artístico do incrível Vasco Mendes.Mostra Malta, o povo maltês e o projecto Mewga Muzika através da poética lente do Vasco.Aqui vai uma pequena amostra disso…

Publicado por ondamarela em Quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2020

Mewga Muzika was a large-scale music project developed by ondamarela for Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture. Througout more than 9 months, a community was formed in Malta, music was created and performed, a culture, a country and Europe were celebrated and the amazing director Vasco Mendes followed the team everywhere.

This film is all about the artistic look of the amazing Vasco Mendes.
It shows Malta, maltese people and Mewga Muzika through Vasco’s poetic lens.

The documentary will be screened on youtube, facebook and zoom, on the 24th of May. The documentary premiere will include a talk about the process with Vasco Mendes, Tim Steiner, Ricardo Baptista, Ana Isabel Bragança and some more guests. Follow the facebook event, to know how to join our talk!



The Greatest Hits Album is online!

Remember the album “The Greatest Hits of Bida Airada”? Recorded in 2018 and accompanied by a book, it was a remarkable moment of this project. The disc is now available for audition on the 23 Milhas’ youtube channel. This is the playlist, with all the songs.

Closet Project – Second Drawer!

Our Closet project has already opened the second drawer. This one.
And now you can see the whole project on this new website that we created.

Participate, we need your help!

It has been like this:


This first phase of Bida Airada has been done from everyone’s home. The initial conversations, the discussions about what we should be working on this year, the creation of the Domestic Exploration Roadmap, the creation of the website, the interviews on Rádio 23 Milhas, the preparation of the meetings at Zoom, have all been pioneering. These are times of frenzy.


More info at Correio da Bida Airada.

The Bida Airada Post

The Bida Airada 2020 team has been working hard to try to develop collaborative creation work in the current situation. Yesterday we launched the first part of the Domestic Exploration Roadmap, as a starting point for our creation this year. This is the first part of an object that Bida Airada offers to the quarantined world. If you want to participate, follow the instructions and send us your results.
We also opened new communication channels with the participants, such as the O Correio da Bida Airada website, the e-mail ocorreiodabidaairada@gmail.com and weekly online sessions, in zoom. This website will have all the information, challenges and results related to Bida Airada, as well as documentation of this work, experiences and meetings, doubts and conclusions.
All this work smells like something new, starting from the beginning, the excitement of exploring the unknown.
For now, registrations have already opened, and that’s today’s news. Follow us!


Bida Airada 2020 – First Challenge

Bida Airada is a 23 Milhas project, in Ílhavo.

For more than 8 years, the Bida Airada Orchestra has come together to create, develop, rehearse and present collaborative work with the community of Ílhavo. We’ve already made a record, we’ve written a book, we’ve done so much. This year, faced with the difficulty of not being able to get together, hug each other, discuss our ideas eye to eye… we will not let Bida Airada fall.
We are preparing this year’s edition with our artistic team, which has António Serginho and, for the first time, Susana Lage. We are, with the 23 Milhas team, preparing new lines of communication, exploration and collaborative creation, always in contact with potential participants of Bida Airada. We went to Radio 23 Milhas last week and proposed a small challenge to the listeners: to send us sounds, images or words representative of your quarantine. Today we present the result again on the radio, made from this weekend’s sent material. The family music of Bernardo Gomes and Catarina Gomes, the images and the word of Rita DF, that introduction is from the message of Rosário Vieira, the birds and images of Ana Margarida Bastos, the tenderness of the text and the photo of Mariana Barros and her grandfather, pictures of Marta Tacão, Vitória Teles and Ana Sofia Duarte, the humor of João Mesquita Santiago and an excerpt from the poem of Pessoa, sent by Dulce Ferreira. And the most intense moment, those very strong photos of Mafalda Oliveira. We hope you enjoy!

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