Tremor Festival 2024


We’ve already been around S. Miguel island, preparing a very special edition of this year’s Som Sim Zero!

And it has been as you can see!

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Beta Circus


This year, ondamarela has been providing training in very different geographies: Oeiras, Torres Vedras, Covilhã, Porto, Nicosia, Tenerife… At the beginning of this month, in Ílhavo, as part of Beta Circus, we worked with cultural agents and artists from Serbia, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Latvia, Spain and Portugal. As always, the sharing of processes, ways of doing and thinking, experiences and doubts was very interesting and enriching!

To Be Here – Excentricidade in Ronfe

The result of our project “Ser Aqui”, for the Excentricidade program, in the Municipality of Guimarães, was presented in Ronfe on the 9th.
It was an intense project, surveying the tangible and intangible heritage of that town of Guimarães, and the result was very fun and exciting. Thank you to the Junta de Freguesia and the Municipality of Guimarães, thank you to the Academia da
Raão, to the Scouts of Ronfe, Flor de Lís, Fraternidade.

Thank you to everyone who took the stage!

Free your mind
Wake up, get out of the house!
Come now
Your day improves!


I Bring With Me

Saturday, the 16th, we presented “Trago Comigo”, a performance that brought together, on the same stage, voices of different nationalities living in Famalicão.
A group of super generous and creative people, who shared things that we will never forget.
Thank you to everyone who built this place of listening and creation with us.
It was intense and it was beautiful.
Thanks to @municipio_de_famalicao and @teatronarcisoferreira for the invitation and for all their support.

Ears in the Wind

Last weekend, the work we were doing in Beja was presented, for the Atos axis of the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II’s National Odyssey.
Ouvidos ao Vento (ears in the wind) was an artistic journey in the spaces of the wonderful building of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, which involved the performances of around 4 dozen people from Beja, and many others in the process. It was an intense, dense project, but very beautiful and impactful for us. The result presented, on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th, was the culmination of a reflection on listening, debate, openness and participation.
Here is our synopsis and photos from saturday, by João Roldão.

Ears in the wind

The voice of the other, of others. My voice with that of others. What changes in my voice when it joins the voice of stones and animals, the voice of the wind and the sun, the voice of wine, fury, love, the voice of calm, sleep, the voice of honey, the voice of the body.

In the baggage that each of these voices brings, the sacred and the profane, work and intimacy, the individual and the social are invoked.

Through intense work of collecting, researching, experimenting, reflecting and debating ideas, we will create a restlessness of ideas, with our feet on the ground, with voices that sound like Beja.

You say you love freedom
Of doing and thinking
I’m free when I sing
Nobody has to listen to me


Excentricidade at Ronfe, Guimarães

It is with great pleasure that we return to working with communities for Excentricidade – Outro Palcos, Mais Cultura, in the Municipality of Guimarães. We are in Ronfe, creating a new project, which will take place on the 9th of December. It has been wonderful to meet these people, these stories, these sounds. Come see the result!


Maps – Torres Vedras

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Ondamarela spent the last week between the villages of Ermegeira and Aldeia Grande, on a project for Mapas – Torres Vedras.
The current of air that passed when the doors of the two philharmonic bands opened was beautiful, inspiring and transformative. We presented live twice all the material created with the participants throughout this week, and we left with a full heart. Thank you to the two bands, to all the participants, to the wonderful Mapas team – omnichord, to the Municipality of Torres Vedras.


Training in Mirandela

Ana has been involved in training activities for professionals in our field, all over the place.
Once again, she will be part of the incredible group of trainers for the Nexos program at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, next year, in Mirandela.
More information here:

ondamarela at Fira Tárrega

ondamarela was at Fira Tárrega with Outdoor Arts Portugal.
What a privilege!

People, Places, Art


Ondamarela celebrates 8 years of existence this week.
8 years of sweat, hugs, smiles and tears, a lot of work and a lot of


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