The Burning of Judas

Ondamarela, invited to perform the artistic direction of The Burning of Judas in Vila Nova de Cerveira, in this 2021 (after last year the project being interrupted by the pandemic) decided to launch itself into a very bold project.
To shoot a film with the community.
Brilliantly directed by Carlos Lobo, with photography direction by Miguel da Santa and scenography and costumes by Patrícia Costa, this was an emotional, inspiring, intense project. All obstacles, difficulties, health and time constraints were overcome with touching joy and commitment, on the part of all those involved. Thank you to all the participants for the energy and talent, thank you Comédias do Minho for the incredible challenge and professionalism, thank you Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira for the openness to the idea and for the cultural resistance.

Here it is:
Judas Judas Judas.

Mapping Happiness


The blog of the Central Peripheries debuted today with an interview with ondamarela. We are very happy with the possibility of thinking, debating and creating these spaces, with these wonderful people and structures.
And soon there will be more news, with a public debate with important guests. Be aware!


The Orchestra is Cool!



The second video from the ACT Orchestra has already been released!
The Orchestra continues to come together every week, online, to create new and original things.
This video was created from the recordings of our last rehearsal at school and a series of challenges launched online to students from the 5th to the 9th grade.
We hope you enjoy. It was a lot of fun to do.
Thank you, ACT Orchestra!
#AprenderComTodos #OrquestraACT

Central Peripheries

Periferias Centrais is an informal working group that emerged in 2018, with the aim of reflecting and demystifying the concepts of “center” and “periphery”, highlighting the critical mass that exists in each place, sharing ideas and working methods, creating a support base among colleagues. We started, stopped, resumed, persisted and now, together and more of us than at the beginning, we created a website. Why? Because we are committed to “mapping happiness”.
If you want to accompany us, visit periferiascentrais.net
It is a great pride to be part of this group of thought and action, so timely and inspiring.

5th Drawer of the Closet

The Closet is back. We’re still here. And we believe that with this effort we can create an artistic archive of the immediate and direct memory of this period that keeps adding more layers.
We are developing an artistic project about this pandemic situation and we would like to count on your help. We would like to collect data about the emotional response to this crisis in different parts of the globe.
The first drawers were answered by more than 300 people, in 12 countries, aged between 11 and 75 years old.
Thanks to everyone who answered the first four parts. We would very much like you to open another drawer with us.
This project is commissioned by the Ministry of Culture in Portugal.
The final product will be released until the end of 2021.
If you still haven’t answered the previous drawers, please do so, your participation is very important to us.
Follow this project here.


The Best Thing!

The first video clip of the ACT Orchestra has already been released!
The ACT Orchestra comes together weekly to create and rehearse original and representative music from this very special group.
Today, it launches its first video clip that illustrates the song “A Melhor Coisa”, composed collectively by students from the 5th to the 9th of this school.
It also counted on the precious participation of the students of the 1st cycle who made drawings based on the idea of “best thing” vs “worst thing”.
We hope you enjoy. If you want you can dance to it, sing it and share it. The video was created and edited by Bruna Silva!

ACT Project – Starting to move

After the multiple advances and setbacks of the past academic year, the ACT Orchestra now begins to show the results of its weekly work. This week we played and paraded around the school, finished recording for our first video clip, filmed our Christmas postcard.
Soon we will publish everything!


What is to be a Spectator – Conference Performance

It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in this event of the Collection of Spectators, by Raquel André. Even more, being accompanied by this luxury cast. Thank you for the invitation, sympathy and trust.

November 28 from 3 pm to 4:30 pm
Performance-conference Ana Borralho & João Galante
Conversation with Ana Borralho & João Galante, Magda Henriques (Comedies of Minho) and Cláudia Sobral (Culture Journalist)

November 29 from 3 pm to 4:30 pm
ondamarela performance-conference
Conversa Maria Vlachou (Cultural Access) and Alexandra Patuleia (Grupo Visionários / ArtemRede)

Bida Airada 2020 – Again!

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The pleasure of making Bida Airada, every year, is inexplicable. It is a family that comes together for good things, with an energy made only of creativity and empathy. The pleasure of doing Bida Airada in July, this year 2020, was even greater, it was an act of faith in culture and people, at a time when we needed it so badly. But then this kind of miracle came: Yesterday, Bida Airada presented the show “How do you Draw a House”, for the second time, in this same year of 2020. Yes, for the second time, in this particular year, and also Susana’s documentary about this year’s process. It was an explosion of noise and love, which recharged our souls for the foreseeable future. Thank you, Bida Airada, for everything.

Photo ©João Roldão


(des- + couros + -ar)
verbo transitivo
1. Tirar o caroço ou a semente a Couros.
2. [Portugal: Minho] Deslindar; explicar Couros.
3. Contar Couros com minúcia


We’ve been working in Guimarães. Talks, songs, stories, complaints and smiles.

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