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This Saturday ended an adventure of WATER and LIGHT, LOVE and FEAR, MEMORY and POETRY, TODAY and MUSIC. These were full days, almost without empty spaces, doing what we love most, in our favorite way: TOGETHER.
Thank you to this wonderful group that we will hardly forget. Thank you to the theater group of the Lordelense Cultural Center, to the group Bombos Águias da Lage, to Coro Misto Mouçós, to Associacaodc Lage and to all the other participants who, individually, accepted this challenge through the open call. Thank you wonderful team, Lais and Simão who made it happen with us. Thank you Léa Prisca Lopez and André Pato for their essential help and good vibes, always.
Thanks to Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian for this Odyssey and for this challenge and to Teatro de Vila Real for the incredible welcome.

Som Sim Zero at Rock in Rio – the documentary

The Galp Foundation has already published the documentary about the adventure of our Som Sim Zero concert at Rock in Rio 2023.
It is very beautiful and emotional, and served as a motto for us to meet again this month in Rabo de Peixe.
Have a look there:

Welcome, 2023!

2022 was an intense year. Very intense.
We created THIS MACHINE SURROUNDS HATE AND FORCE IT TO SURRENDER and we made it happen in Sever do Vouga and Ovar.

We returned to the island of S. Miguel and to (our) TREMOR to work with ASISM and the Coral de S. José in a very beautiful and intimate process.
With the OOF family we created the MEIO CAMINHO, for the Municipality of Guimarães. Also in Guimarães, we made the PAISAGEM INVISÍVEL, for the 7Bairros Cultural program.

In the Municipality of Famalicão we were with Tim Steiner in the collaborative creation workshop, we conceived the community performance for QUEIMA DO GALHEIRO and developed the performance TUDO MUDA, created with the communities of Avidos, Seide S. Paio, Seide S. Miguel, Lagoa , Landim. We returned months later for RESTO É RUÍDO, presented in November. All beautiful and intense processes; Famalicão is increasingly a territory of very beautiful community experiences.

We returned to S. Miguel to prepare SOM SIM ZERO‘s participation in Rock in Rio, at the invitation of the Galp Foundation. Again with ASISM and the Rabo Peixe School of Music, everything was so beautiful that there are not many words.

For CIM – Viseu Dão Lafões we created SETE E SETE, directed by Tim Steiner, with communities from the 14 municipalities of the region.
We were with Opium at Sala Estúdio Perpétuo to carry out the CANÇÕES DO BAIRRO workshops and we trained monitors for MUSEUZER0, creating a new workshop and testing it in schools in the Algarve. An epic project was FOLIA, with Galandum Galundaina, for the Municipalities of Vinhais, Macedo de Cavaleiros and Miranda do Douro. So many people involved, so much beautiful work, so many good hugs, so much music.

For the Municipality of Braga, we worked with a href=”https://www.facebook.com/NEEDCooperativaoficial/”>Need Cooperativa, with Grupo de Teatro Planalto and with Banda Musical de Cabreiros in the design and presentation of ESFERA – Desistimos ou Continuamos, at the Monastery of Tibães. Still in Braga, for the Circuit, we created Acusticidade, em S. Paio de Merelim with Pedro Lima, in S. Paio de Merelim.

Ana​, Ricardo​ and Sara​ would like to thank all the artists, all the institutions, all the communities that are on the wave with us.


Come 2023!


Esfera – the video

In September, the Esfera project ended. Now this little video is out!



In 2023, ondamarela heads to the other side of the planet, for a project with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.
As part of the Floods of Fire community project, directed by Airan Berg, we will be creating a citizens orchestra from February to March, which will perform at the incredible Adelaide Festival in 2023 and in 2024.
Registration here: https://www.aso. com.au/citizensorchestra/



Yesterday we presented the work that we’ve been developing in recent months in São Paio de Merelim, Braga. It was a pleasure to work with Circuito – Serviço Educativo Braga Media Arts again, it was wonderful to meet and work with Pedro Lima, and it was fortunate that Catarina Carvalho Gomes was involved. So much talent. And it was so nice to get to know and work with the stories of the beautiful people we came across, so inspiring: thank you Carmindo, Manuel Baptista, António Luís Sousa, Boaventura Gomes, Carmo Gomes and Manuel Arantes for everything and anything else. Thank you Lais Pereira for, once again, wonderful photos.
Thank you gnration!

ondamarela with Atos – Odisseia Nacional

Ondamarela is also part of the National Odyssey at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.
We’re proud to be part of a program that decentralizes and democratizes creation and cultural participation, side by side with so many people that we love so much. Let’s do it!

photo by Pedro Sardinha (Bida Airada)

The Rest is Noise

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The project “The Rest is Noise” was presented last Saturday, November 12, 2022, composed of musicians of all ages from the Municipality of Famalicão. From this idea of noise, of sound, but also of band, of rock, throughout experimentation, the group composed the pieces that performed, in the new Praça – Mercado Municipal de Famalicão. It was really good, thank you all!

Photos by Carlos Monteiro

Sphere: Do we give up or do we continue

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“Do we give up or do we continue?” was the question that echoed through the corridors of the Monastery of Tibães on the 24th of September.
The voices of the three artistic communities in Braga that integrated the Esfera project, joined the voices of the public, in a performance about resilience, empathy, and hope.
Coordinated by the ondamarela and with artistic direction by Ricardo Baptista, Helena Oliveira, Nuno Preto, the Esfera project brought together NEED Cooperativa, Banda Musical de Cabreiros-Braga, and Associação Social e Cultural de Sobreposta around the creation of the performance “Esfera – Do we give up or do we continue”, a performance focused on the desires, difficulties, and ambitions of each of these communities.
The public was invited to walk through corridors, rooms, and stairs, like someone who walks through the places of a dream, before waking up.
A project about difficulty, itself very difficult to implement, crossing the pandemic and the difficulties of the agenda, but which, in the end, filled our hearts. Thank you all!Photos by Gonçalo Costa for Braga’27



Folia – Miranda do Douro

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The last Folia, in Miranda do Douro, took place Saturday, 10th September.
It was a moment of enormous emotion, to finish this great undertaking with that explosion of joy and love that was lived there.
Thanks to Município de Macedo de Cavaleiros, Câmara Municipal de Vinhais and Município de Miranda do Douro for the invitation, thank you Galandum Galundaina for the openess and for embarking on this adventure, thank you to our wonderful team, Patrícia Costa, Helena Oliveira, Susana Abreu, Paulo Meirinhos, Alberto Fernandes, who designed proposals with us, guided workshops, followed this entire journey. And the most special thanks to all the participants, from the three municipalities, who gave us their incredible contributions, sometimes with great personal effort, always with enormous dedication, trust, responsibility and a sense of mission, of commitment. There is a Feeling of Us that was ingrained in those rehearsals, in those afternoons of work, in those clothes, in those gestures, in those sounds. And that never comes out.
Thank you Banda Filarmónica 25 de Março – Lamas, Universidade Sénior de Macedo de Cavaleiros, Lérias Associação Cultural, Mirandanças Associação, Escola Municipal de Música de Vinhais and Associação Cultural, Recreativa e Desportiva de Agrochão.
Photos by Pedro Sardinha and Esfera Similar.

“Como pedras que persistem juntas
Somos Firmes
Somos filhos desta
Terra Quente
Terra Fria
Do Planalto
Somos Nós”

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