Mini Documentary – Variações

Variações – Concerto de Comunidade I

Hoje é dia de estreia do mini-documentário de Variações – Concerto de Comunidade! Este espetáculo marcou o início do programa da Braga Cultura 2030 inspirado na vida e obra de António Variações. Participe no conjunto de atividades que preparámos para si ao longo de quatro fins-de-semana. A programação do primeiro, 5 e 6 de outubro, está aqui: Variações . Dar e Receber

Publicado por Braga Cultura 2030 em Domingo, 22 de setembro de 2019

This week premiered the mini-documentary – on Variações’ Community Concert.
This show marked the beginning of the Braga Cultura 2030 program, inspired by the life and work of António Variações.
The first weekend’s schedule, October 5 and 6, is here.

The community comes together…

Regarding the project that took place yesterday in Famalicão, the newspaper Público reflected on these works, their reasons and consequences.

It’s good to know that the press still focuses on topics that really make a difference to communities.

Thanks to all participants!

Thank you Famalicão Municipality, Bairro, Novais, Ruivães, Carreira, Bente and Delães.

Thank you Jornal Público!

Cellebrating Villages – Community Concert

The rehearsals for this Community Performance started yesterday!
Come next Sunday!


Variações – Loading!..

VARIAÇÕES is a program of activities dedicated to the life and work of António Variações, that will take place in Braga from October 5 to December 3, the date the artist would turn 75.

We were invited by Braga Cultura 2030 to design and coordinate this project, which began in June, with the Community Concert at Theatro Circo.

Over the coming months, the artist native of Amares – Braga, will be accomplice, alibi and inspiration for four weekends of workshops open for all, of performances, artistic residencies, performative conversations in unusual places, a final show and a documentary that will record this whole process.

Each weekend answers a theme: September will be the month of “Give and Receive”, in October “My dreams are not the same”, “Change your life” in November, because in December “I will continue to search”.

Circuit – Braga’s White Night 2019

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Last night our project “Circuit” opened the White Night of Braga.

Many thanks to the wonderful participants, many thanks to Braga Media Arts for the invitation, the confidence and boldness of such a proposal, thank you to the White Night for giving us the opportunity to open. Many thanks to Circuit – Educational Service, and in particular to Luis Fernandes, José Alberto Gomes, Sara Borges and Maria Tavares, it is very good to work with you.


Circuito – 3rd Part

The last episode of Neva Films‘ work on our project for Braga MediaArts is now public!
And Circuit – Educational Service is on!

Circuit – part 2

Circuit is almost here, and this is the 2nd part of the Neva Films video, which follows the development of this project.

Bons Sons – Fifth Manifesto-Video

BONS SONS 2019 – Pela criação de espaço público. Habitamos a rua. | Pela cultura popular. A cultura sem dono.

BONS SONS 2019✔️Pela criação de espaço público. Habitamos a rua.✔️Pela cultura popular. A cultura sem dono.Era o que faltava não vires até ao BONS SONS! Anda daí. Só faltas tu! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Vem viver a Aldeia!🎥 @ondamarelawww.bonssons.com#bonssons #bonssons19 #vemviveraaldeia #umaaldeiaemmanifesto

Publicado por BONS SONS em Sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2019

And so we finish the work of interpreting the Festival’s Manifesto.
Directed by Vasco Mendes, this was the last video. It was a pleasure working at Cem Soldos, with these wonderful people, thinking and discussing culture, community and places. Thank you SCOCS for the invitation!
✔️For the creation of public space. We inhabit the street.
✔️For the popular culture. The culture without owner.
Please come to BONS SONS!
Come on, you’re the only thing missing!

Circuito concerto – loading…

In September, in the context of Braga’s White Night, the great Circuit concert will be performed. This is a large and bold project that involves several communities in the city and at the same time aims to set the tone for what will become Braga Media Arts‘ mediation and educative service.
We are very happy to be able to develop this work with such talented and available communities, and with a structure like GNRation and Braga Media Arts.
Vídeo: Neva Films.

Bons Sons – Fourth Manifesto-Video

Este é o quarto vídeo do projecto de interpretação do Manifesto do Bons Sons. Realizado por @Vasco Mendes, este vídeo…

Publicado por ondamarela em Domingo, 28 de julho de 2019

This is the fourth video from the Bons Sons Manifesto interpretation project. Directed by Vasco Mendes, this video was very beautiful to make. It is the result of very emotional and special conversations with a group of very special people: the inhabitants of this magical village. Thank you so much for your energy, Cem Soldos.
✔️For territorial projects
We invest in people.
✔️For sustainable action
We are not planted.

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