Aldear is a cultural project that activates the communities of 11 villages and neighborhoods in the municipalities of the Douro, Tâmega and Sousa region. A meeting between local identities and the methods of 15 structures of contemporary artistic creation from different parts of the country.

Gilde – Aldear, 2023

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Last weekend there was another Aldear coordinated by ondamarela, in Gilde, Castelo de Paiva, Portugal.
It was a very intense process, very beautiful, very poetic. The community of the small village united around its specificities, its memories, its desires for the future and participated in a moving way in the various dimensions of this Aldear.
Thank you Gilde, for everything you taught us, for what you made us feel, for what we could create together!


photos by João Roldão

Aldear – Macieira da Lixa

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Many thanks to all those who helped us to make this Aldear-Macieira da Lixa, Felgueiras.
It was a very beautiful process, which resulted in a beautiful day, full of good energy. There were artistic walks, there were flavors, music, smells, conversation, lots of fun.

Sit Here With Me!

Aldear – Lousada

And earlier this month we did ALDEAR again, now in Lousada. Thanks to everyone who accompanied us in the numerous geometries of this project. ALDEAR!

Aldear – Freixo

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On the 3rd of July we presented the result of almost two months of visits, meetings, conversations, rehearsals and creation with the people of Freixo, Marco de Canaveses.

These were days of intense sharing, a lot of learning, love, “feeling of us”. An Aldear shared with Marina Palácio and Visões Úteis, always with the support of José Gonçalves and Bússola, designed by Luis Sousa Ferreira for the entire territory of CIM do Tâmega e Sousa. The photographic record was made by the incredible João Roldão.
A creation made by several arms, which opened to other arms, culminating in a show that mapped memory, time and, above all, love.
It was only possible due to the dedicated, committed and inspiring participation of the Associação Amigos Tongobriga, the Professional School of Archeology and the Senior University of Marco de Canaveses-USMC, as well as Dª Angélica, soul and symbol of this place.
Special thanks to our companions António Serginho Lima, Miguel Ramos, Rita Sampaio, Manuel Dos Reis.