Esfera – the video

In September, the Esfera project ended. Now this little video is out!


Sphere: Do we give up or do we continue

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“Do we give up or do we continue?” was the question that echoed through the corridors of the Monastery of Tibães on the 24th of September.
The voices of the three artistic communities in Braga that integrated the Esfera project, joined the voices of the public, in a performance about resilience, empathy, and hope.
Coordinated by the ondamarela and with artistic direction by Ricardo Baptista, Helena Oliveira, Nuno Preto, the Esfera project brought together NEED Cooperativa, Banda Musical de Cabreiros-Braga, and Associação Social e Cultural de Sobreposta around the creation of the performance “Esfera – Do we give up or do we continue”, a performance focused on the desires, difficulties, and ambitions of each of these communities.
The public was invited to walk through corridors, rooms, and stairs, like someone who walks through the places of a dream, before waking up.
A project about difficulty, itself very difficult to implement, crossing the pandemic and the difficulties of the agenda, but which, in the end, filled our hearts. Thank you all!Photos by Gonçalo Costa for Braga’27