JUDAS, JUDAS, JUDAS – take away!

Judas, Judas, Judas

The film we created with Carlos Lobo for this year’s Queima de Judas, in Vila Nova de Cerveira, is now available in the magnificent online space of Comédias do Minho, Comédias Take Away!

The Burning of Judas

Ondamarela, invited to perform the artistic direction of The Burning of Judas in Vila Nova de Cerveira, in this 2021 (after last year the project being interrupted by the pandemic) decided to launch itself into a very bold project.
To shoot a film with the community.
Brilliantly directed by Carlos Lobo, with photography direction by Miguel da Santa and scenography and costumes by Patrícia Costa, this was an emotional, inspiring, intense project. All obstacles, difficulties, health and time constraints were overcome with touching joy and commitment, on the part of all those involved. Thank you to all the participants for the energy and talent, thank you Comédias do Minho for the incredible challenge and professionalism, thank you Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira for the openness to the idea and for the cultural resistance.

Here it is:
Judas Judas Judas.