Ears in the Wind

Last weekend, the work we were doing in Beja was presented, for the Atos axis of the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II’s National Odyssey.
Ouvidos ao Vento (ears in the wind) was an artistic journey in the spaces of the wonderful building of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, which involved the performances of around 4 dozen people from Beja, and many others in the process. It was an intense, dense project, but very beautiful and impactful for us. The result presented, on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th, was the culmination of a reflection on listening, debate, openness and participation.
Here is our synopsis and photos from saturday, by João Roldão.

Ears in the wind

The voice of the other, of others. My voice with that of others. What changes in my voice when it joins the voice of stones and animals, the voice of the wind and the sun, the voice of wine, fury, love, the voice of calm, sleep, the voice of honey, the voice of the body.

In the baggage that each of these voices brings, the sacred and the profane, work and intimacy, the individual and the social are invoked.

Through intense work of collecting, researching, experimenting, reflecting and debating ideas, we will create a restlessness of ideas, with our feet on the ground, with voices that sound like Beja.

You say you love freedom
Of doing and thinking
I’m free when I sing
Nobody has to listen to me


14 November 2023

Posted on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023.