Braga Media Arts

Braga was officially assigned as Creative City of UNESCO in the field of Media Arts. This is a space for creation, performance and exhibition in the field of contemporary music and the relationship between art and technology. Ondamarela collaborates with its educational service in community and mediation projects.

Circuit – Braga’s White Night 2019

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Last night our project “Circuit” opened the White Night of Braga.

Many thanks to the wonderful participants, many thanks to Braga Media Arts for the invitation, the confidence and boldness of such a proposal, thank you to the White Night for giving us the opportunity to open. Many thanks to Circuit – Educational Service, and in particular to Luis Fernandes, José Alberto Gomes, Sara Borges and Maria Tavares, it is very good to work with you.


Circuit – part 2

Circuit is almost here, and this is the 2nd part of the Neva Films video, which follows the development of this project.

Circuito concerto – loading…

In September, in the context of Braga’s White Night, the great Circuit concert will be performed. This is a large and bold project that involves several communities in the city and at the same time aims to set the tone for what will become Braga Media Arts‘ mediation and educative service.
We are very happy to be able to develop this work with such talented and available communities, and with a structure like GNRation and Braga Media Arts.
Vídeo: Neva Films.