Greatest Hits

The Greatest Hits of Orquestra da Bida Airada were performed yesterday, at Radio Faneca Festival, in Ílhavo. With this performance preparation came the invitation to record an album and to publish a book, a very important landmark for ondamarela.

Published by 23 Milhas, ondamarela coordinated the recordings, the performance and the texts of the essay “To think the orchestra”, included on the book. It was a unique oportunity to firm ideas, to re-think, to debate about the things we love to do.


We would like to thank deeply and specially to António Serginho, for all the love and dedication for this project, this year and the years before, putting is incrredible talent in all stages of the work.

This is also the moment to thank all the participants (from all editions), that gave so much to this project, and that we hope they see themselves on this object we now present.

We also have to thank all the artistic teams, Crassh​, Bruno Estima​ and Artur Carvalho​, Peixe​, Teresa Melo Campos​, Ivo Poças Martins, Óscar Rodrigues​, Afonso Passos​, Inês Campos, Nuno Guedes, Manuel dos Reis​. Thanks also to all the technical and mediation teams of 23 Milhas – Ílhavo​, to the city-hall, and to Luís Sousa Ferreira​.

Moments like yesterday afternoon mark our lifes.

Thank you very much.


By the way, you can buy this CD/Book in 23 Milhas!

11 June 2018

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2018.