I Bring With Me

Saturday, the 16th, we presented “Trago Comigo”, a performance that brought together, on the same stage, voices of different nationalities living in Famalicão.
A group of super generous and creative people, who shared things that we will never forget.
Thank you to everyone who built this place of listening and creation with us.
It was intense and it was beautiful.
Thanks to @municipio_de_famalicao and @teatronarcisoferreira for the invitation and for all their support.

The Rest is Noise

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The project “The Rest is Noise” was presented last Saturday, November 12, 2022, composed of musicians of all ages from the Municipality of Famalicão. From this idea of noise, of sound, but also of band, of rock, throughout experimentation, the group composed the pieces that performed, in the new Praça – Mercado Municipal de Famalicão. It was really good, thank you all!

Photos by Carlos Monteiro

Galheiro Burn

On the 1st of March ondamarela was at Queima do Galheiro in Fradelos, Famalicão. A work that involved the two primary schools (Sapugal and Fradelos) and a beautiful group of amateur musicians. Our thanks to the Municipality (thanks, Luís Barroso), to all the participants and to the artistic team that did wonders: Pedro Santos, André Nunes and Maria Mónica.
Send everything to Galheiro!

Collaborative Creation Training – Famalicão

Within the scope of “Há Cultura”, it was with great pleasure that we held the Collaborative Creation Atelier, a mini-course for musicians, teachers and cultural, social and artistic agents in the communities of Famalicão. The course, taught by Tim Steiner and Ricardo Baptista, ended on November 6th with a workshop open to the participation of anyone, in which trainees led their own groups. It was extremely enriching and the materialization of an old objective of ondamarela, that of training agents for the work of collaborative artistic creation.

Vale do Este – Famalicão

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On the 21st we presented our “Vale do Este”, a concert by the CSIF communities in Vale do Este, Famalicão.

It was beautiful and we are grateful to all who contributed, and in particular to the Municipality of Famalicão for the invitation.

This is the synopsis text of the show, which was written from the conversations, ideas and sounds of the concert:

The Este river valley, invited to share stories, protests, sounds, laughter and music, responded with this strength, with this desire to do new, to do differently and to do well. People who didn’t know each other came together and joined ideas and voices, in the creation of this show.