It’s a wrap! Adelaide Citizens Orchestra – Floods of Fire

Last Saturday, March 16th, our Citizens Orchestra performed, ending our participation in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Floods of Fire, at this year’s Adelaide Festival. A process that began more than a year ago, for the opening of the Adelaide Festival 2023, and which has touched thousands of different people, in dozens of workshops in very different spaces. We created a performance with completely new music, created from these workshops, and the culmination, at Maths Lawn, on Saturday, was a very beautiful moment for us.

Obrigado a todos os que decidiram abrir esta porta e participar, obrigado ao Airan Berg pelo convite, pelo esforço e pelo programa Floods of Fire, obrigado à Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, ao Adelaide Festival e à Universidade de Adelaide.
Um obrigado extra especial à Rachel Pittson e à Jessica Manning e ao Paul Cowley.
E claro, ao nosso Tim Steiner.
Foi um projecto marcante para a ondamarela, estamos muito orgulhosos do que se conseguiu fazer.
Thank you to everyone who decided to open this door and participate, thank you to Airan Berg for the invitation, for the effort and the Floods of Fire program, thank you to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the Adelaide Festival and the University of Adelaide.
An extra special thank you to Rachel Pittson, Jessica Manning and Paul Cowley.
And of course, our Tim Steiner.
It was a landmark project for ondamarela, we are very proud of what was achieved.

20 March 2024

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.