Auxiliar de Memória – Premiere!

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The Guimarães Memory House invited us to conceive a mediation object for its collection.

Auxiliar de Memória, premiered last 18th of May, is a game that proposes a route, a visit focused on 7 spots and based on free will. Alone or in a group, the visitors choose their route, object by object, doing activities and developing poetic thinking about each of the points. From a text by Gonçalo M. Tavares to the CDMG, we are invited to carry our way on our arms:

(…) carry on your lap, carry in your arms, not a child or an object, but the itinerary you have just done.

This was a work only possible with the help of the fantastic team of OOF Design, who thought with us the object, its operation and application, and executed it in a fresh and functional design.

Come and try it!