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Project designed for all editions of the Radio Faneca Festival, in Ílhavo, since 2014, Bida Airada is formed by all who want to participate and develops artistic content specific to that territory. It is based every year on different Ílhavo themes (fishing, cod, Vista Alegre, the lighthouse) and all the material presented is created with the participants. Currently, ondamarela develops various activities around the project, in conjunction with the mediation of 23 Milhas.

Bida Airada 2020 – Again!

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The pleasure of making Bida Airada, every year, is inexplicable. It is a family that comes together for good things, with an energy made only of creativity and empathy. The pleasure of doing Bida Airada in July, this year 2020, was even greater, it was an act of faith in culture and people, at a time when we needed it so badly. But then this kind of miracle came: Yesterday, Bida Airada presented the show “How do you Draw a House”, for the second time, in this same year of 2020. Yes, for the second time, in this particular year, and also Susana’s documentary about this year’s process. It was an explosion of noise and love, which recharged our souls for the foreseeable future. Thank you, Bida Airada, for everything.

Photo ©João Roldão

Thanks, Rádio Faneca

This was a very special edition of the Bida Airada project. Very special for all of us. Thanks to the participants, the artists, the entire 23 Miles team, to the Municipality of Ílhavo.
A Common Place.

Bida Airada’s Rehearsals!

Bida Airada’s rehearsals are finally in person. It has all been very safe and controlled, but very fun and exciting. We are so happy. We are building a common house!

Video by Susana Lage

And Bida Airada, how is it going?

This year Bida Airada is taking place at a distance. But we are very happy with the results of the work of this wonderful group of people. We have also been working hard to feed the site, which at the moment is very fun, here:

And the weekly zoom sessions, how have they been going?
This way:

The Greatest Hits Album is online!

Remember the album “The Greatest Hits of Bida Airada”? Recorded in 2018 and accompanied by a book, it was a remarkable moment of this project. The disc is now available for audition on the 23 Milhas’ youtube channel. This is the playlist, with all the songs.

It has been like this:


This first phase of Bida Airada has been done from everyone’s home. The initial conversations, the discussions about what we should be working on this year, the creation of the Domestic Exploration Roadmap, the creation of the website, the interviews on Rádio 23 Milhas, the preparation of the meetings at Zoom, have all been pioneering. These are times of frenzy.


More info at Correio da Bida Airada.

The Bida Airada Post

The Bida Airada 2020 team has been working hard to try to develop collaborative creation work in the current situation. Yesterday we launched the first part of the Domestic Exploration Roadmap, as a starting point for our creation this year. This is the first part of an object that Bida Airada offers to the quarantined world. If you want to participate, follow the instructions and send us your results.
We also opened new communication channels with the participants, such as the O Correio da Bida Airada website, the e-mail ocorreiodabidaairada@gmail.com and weekly online sessions, in zoom. This website will have all the information, challenges and results related to Bida Airada, as well as documentation of this work, experiences and meetings, doubts and conclusions.
All this work smells like something new, starting from the beginning, the excitement of exploring the unknown.
For now, registrations have already opened, and that’s today’s news. Follow us!


Bida Airada 2020 – First Challenge

Bida Airada is a 23 Milhas project, in Ílhavo.

For more than 8 years, the Bida Airada Orchestra has come together to create, develop, rehearse and present collaborative work with the community of Ílhavo. We’ve already made a record, we’ve written a book, we’ve done so much. This year, faced with the difficulty of not being able to get together, hug each other, discuss our ideas eye to eye… we will not let Bida Airada fall.
We are preparing this year’s edition with our artistic team, which has António Serginho and, for the first time, Susana Lage. We are, with the 23 Milhas team, preparing new lines of communication, exploration and collaborative creation, always in contact with potential participants of Bida Airada. We went to Radio 23 Milhas last week and proposed a small challenge to the listeners: to send us sounds, images or words representative of your quarantine. Today we present the result again on the radio, made from this weekend’s sent material. The family music of Bernardo Gomes and Catarina Gomes, the images and the word of Rita DF, that introduction is from the message of Rosário Vieira, the birds and images of Ana Margarida Bastos, the tenderness of the text and the photo of Mariana Barros and her grandfather, pictures of Marta Tacão, Vitória Teles and Ana Sofia Duarte, the humor of João Mesquita Santiago and an excerpt from the poem of Pessoa, sent by Dulce Ferreira. And the most intense moment, those very strong photos of Mafalda Oliveira. We hope you enjoy!

Song of my Bida ;) – Ílhavo Brass Band

Last Saturday we were also at the Banda de Ílhavo headquarters, for a Song of My Bida, the project that creates a song from scratch, in each session.

It was so good, thank you all!

Bida Airada – Problems Machine

Following the evolution of the Bida Airada project in Ílhavo, this year we created a “Machine of Problems”. With the help of the Friendly Fire collective and its LQFUB spacecraft, we held a group survey, collection, selection and categorization of problems session last Saturday with the Quinto Palco colective. It was a poetic and dense but fun session. And we contributed to the creation of a portfolio of subjects to be addressed in the forthcoming manifestations of Bida Airada.
Thank you all!




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