ondamarela is an artistic structure that finds in people and places, inspiration for the development of its projects.
We believe that provoking the experience of creating a totally new and original artistic object with the effective participation of people, their stories, their anxieties, their desires, in their relationship with their places, generates important transformations on the path to an increasingly stronger democracy.

Based in Guimarães, operating since 2015, we have always focused our action on participatory practices and community artistic creation, in different areas: community performances (music, theater, dance, video art shows), cultural programming/curation, workshops educational activities, games, conversations, mediation and training objects.

We have worked with a wide range of organizations in Portugal and abroad – municipalities, museums, theaters and theater networks, cultural centers, European capitals of culture, foundations, schools, regional directorates, development agencies, festivals and companies.

Ondamarela was awarded the 2019 Access Culture Award – Social and Intellectual Access.

We are excited about meeting, listening, confronting, committing, sharing and creating new communities: the community as a “feeling of us”.

Ana Bragança / Ricardo Baptista / Sara Fernandes