ondamarela in Serbia

As part of Beta Circus, we spent the last week in Novi Sad, as mentors for the artistic residency between the collectives Fenfire, from Austria and Ekspedicijastanica, from Serbia. Mirror of Novi Sad, the collective creation that also included the decisive participation of teenagers from Novi Sad was finally presented on the 17th and 18th of May, it was a walkthrough that occupied the space of a school, with interventions, installations and performances that addressed the issues of space, reflection, public and private.
A full week, with a lot of learning and lots of friends. Thanks!

Do we need it?
Do we have it? Do we share it?
Is it private or public?
Is a school a space? Is it just a place?
Is it safe? Is it brave?
What do mirrors do to it? What do they do to us?
Are mirrors honest? Is sound sincere?
Are we allowed to change space? Can we cross lines, enter forbidden zones?
Questions bring more and more questions.
Oh, I hear the bell now.

Photos by Goran Jevtić for Cirkus Danas festival

21 May 2024

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2024.