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Here is the wonderful mini-documentary by our dear Vasco Mendes about a-jun-ta-men-to.
We are very proud to have been a part of this. Thank you for the invitation and thank you to everyone who participated in this difficult but good adventure!

Closing Performance – Cultura em Expansão2021

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After 3 postponements and numerous changes, the A-JUN-TA-MEN-TO project, the closing show of Cultura em Expansão 2021, was finally taken to a safe haven. Ondamarela artistically directed the project, which involved participants from Grupo Operário do Ruído, from the Communitarian Orchestra Mundo in Campanhã, SOTAO and Associação de Ludotecas do Porto. On December 18th, we went up to the stage at Rivoli Theatre, to present a show about the individual and the collective, about desires, anxieties and problems, and about who we are, as a gathering. Thanks to Filipe Fernandes, Patrícia Costa and António Serginho who led the project with us, thanks to the wonderful group of people who embarked on this troubled adventure.

Photos by Renato Cruz Santos:

ondamarela in Porto’s “Cultura em Expansão”

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Ondamarela prepares a community show for the closing of Cultura em Expansão, in Porto.

There is something in common between people who come together, who are in the same place at the same time. But will they look at the same thing? Will they see the same? Will they feel something alike?

Bringing together Miragaia, Bouça, Pasteleira and Campanhã around an artistic project, we work on the “gathering”, the group of people who look, see, feel. And the final show, a collaborative creation based on sharing, over the months of the gathering, puts on stage this idea that art is made with everything, with day-to-day material, with people and with your look.