The Foot on the Door

For the wonderful A Porta Festival, in Leiria, ondamarela developed the performance “Having the Foot on the Door”. From an open call and word of mouth, with the participation of the Ateneu Desportivo de Leiria Choir, around 40 people from Leiria joined us and created music, sound, gesture, dreams and soap bubbles with us.
Based on questions regarding the city, but also in conjunction with the place where the festival takes place this year, the ruins of the Convento dos Capuchos, the history and stories around it, we took the stage in a mix of joy and nervousness. Under a light rain that fed one of the pieces created, Neblina, we put our foot in the door and let everything come and go.

Thank you very much to those who invited us, thank you very much to those who created and took the stage with us, it was wonderful.
Thanks, once again, to Vera Marmelo, for the photos!

17 June 2024

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2024.