Ondamarela values and practises reflection about its work, its vision of culture and the subjects around its work. It promotes and participates in thinking moments and debates about Art, Culture, Places, Education and Community.

Beta Circus


This year, ondamarela has been providing training in very different geographies: Oeiras, Torres Vedras, Covilhã, Porto, Nicosia, Tenerife… At the beginning of this month, in Ílhavo, as part of Beta Circus, we worked with cultural agents and artists from Serbia, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Latvia, Spain and Portugal. As always, the sharing of processes, ways of doing and thinking, experiences and doubts was very interesting and enriching!

Training in Mirandela

Ana has been involved in training activities for professionals in our field, all over the place.
Once again, she will be part of the incredible group of trainers for the Nexos program at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, next year, in Mirandela.
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ondamarela at Fira Tárrega

ondamarela was at Fira Tárrega with Outdoor Arts Portugal.
What a privilege!

People, Places, Art


Ondamarela celebrates 8 years of existence this week.
8 years of sweat, hugs, smiles and tears, a lot of work and a lot of


Cenários Presentes

This weekend we will be at Cenário Presentes, of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, talking about important things with people we care about.
Come to Torres Vedras!

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Participatory music creation workshop

Ondamarela is in Nicosia, Cyprus, invited by EDGE NETWORK and Festival Tremor, to a participatory music creation workshop. It will be beautiful, sharing our tools with Cypriot musicians with such different experiences and backgrounds!


Welcome, 2023!

2022 was an intense year. Very intense.
We created THIS MACHINE SURROUNDS HATE AND FORCE IT TO SURRENDER and we made it happen in Sever do Vouga and Ovar.

We returned to the island of S. Miguel and to (our) TREMOR to work with ASISM and the Coral de S. José in a very beautiful and intimate process.
With the OOF family we created the MEIO CAMINHO, for the Municipality of Guimarães. Also in Guimarães, we made the PAISAGEM INVISÍVEL, for the 7Bairros Cultural program.

In the Municipality of Famalicão we were with Tim Steiner in the collaborative creation workshop, we conceived the community performance for QUEIMA DO GALHEIRO and developed the performance TUDO MUDA, created with the communities of Avidos, Seide S. Paio, Seide S. Miguel, Lagoa , Landim. We returned months later for RESTO É RUÍDO, presented in November. All beautiful and intense processes; Famalicão is increasingly a territory of very beautiful community experiences.

We returned to S. Miguel to prepare SOM SIM ZERO‘s participation in Rock in Rio, at the invitation of the Galp Foundation. Again with ASISM and the Rabo Peixe School of Music, everything was so beautiful that there are not many words.

For CIM – Viseu Dão Lafões we created SETE E SETE, directed by Tim Steiner, with communities from the 14 municipalities of the region.
We were with Opium at Sala Estúdio Perpétuo to carry out the CANÇÕES DO BAIRRO workshops and we trained monitors for MUSEUZER0, creating a new workshop and testing it in schools in the Algarve. An epic project was FOLIA, with Galandum Galundaina, for the Municipalities of Vinhais, Macedo de Cavaleiros and Miranda do Douro. So many people involved, so much beautiful work, so many good hugs, so much music.

For the Municipality of Braga, we worked with a href=”https://www.facebook.com/NEEDCooperativaoficial/”>Need Cooperativa, with Grupo de Teatro Planalto and with Banda Musical de Cabreiros in the design and presentation of ESFERA – Desistimos ou Continuamos, at the Monastery of Tibães. Still in Braga, for the Circuit, we created Acusticidade, em S. Paio de Merelim with Pedro Lima, in S. Paio de Merelim.

Ana​, Ricardo​ and Sara​ would like to thank all the artists, all the institutions, all the communities that are on the wave with us.


Come 2023!


Enterra em terra

Throughout 2021, with the support of the Impacta program of the Municipality of Guimarães, Ricardo composed and recorded a theme about the memory of the colonial war or the little that is still said in Portugal, about it. A website was then launched with the song details. In December, in a small event at CAAA in Guimarães, the song was performed live, solo, and a video clip was then released by Vasco Mendes. All this with the support of ondamarela, the municipality of Guimarães and CAAA. With the essential help of Manuel dos Reis, Ricardo Vaz Trindade, Cláudio Rodrigues and oof, Pedro Morgado and Vasco Mendes.

It can be seen and heard on site, on Youtube, on Spotify, on Soundcloud, at Bandcamp, on Deezer, Apple Music and other platforms.

Or here:


Thank you all!

ondamarela’s article

Ondamarela is part of the group of people and entities that contribute with articles to the first issue of the magazine Guimarães C Visível. Entitled “Feeling of Us”, the article addresses cultural mediation and our perspective on this work and includes beautiful photos of our Pedro Sardinha, Sara Fernandes and Paulo Pimenta.

To think the city

Following the work in the scope of Descouroçar, for Bairro C, we were in the 2nd session of the Conversation Cycle, submitted to the theme “Couros: a river, a territory and a community” on 15th May, just after our concert at the Institute of Design. It was an honor to be able to share conversation and thoughts with Carlos Ribeiro and Ricardo Rodrigues (moderator).

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