Ondamarela values and practises reflection about its work, its vision of culture and the subjects around its work. It promotes and participates in thinking moments and debates about Art, Culture, Places, Education and Community.

Enterra em terra

Throughout 2021, with the support of the Impacta program of the Municipality of Guimarães, Ricardo composed and recorded a theme about the memory of the colonial war or the little that is still said in Portugal, about it. A website was then launched with the song details. In December, in a small event at CAAA in Guimarães, the song was performed live, solo, and a video clip was then released by Vasco Mendes. All this with the support of ondamarela, the municipality of Guimarães and CAAA. With the essential help of Manuel dos Reis, Ricardo Vaz Trindade, Cláudio Rodrigues and oof, Pedro Morgado and Vasco Mendes.

It can be seen and heard on site, on Youtube, on Spotify, on Soundcloud, at Bandcamp, on Deezer, Apple Music and other platforms.

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Thank you all!

ondamarela’s article

Ondamarela is part of the group of people and entities that contribute with articles to the first issue of the magazine Guimarães C Visível. Entitled “Feeling of Us”, the article addresses cultural mediation and our perspective on this work and includes beautiful photos of our Pedro Sardinha, Sara Fernandes and Paulo Pimenta.

To think the city

Following the work in the scope of Descouroçar, for Bairro C, we were in the 2nd session of the Conversation Cycle, submitted to the theme “Couros: a river, a territory and a community” on 15th May, just after our concert at the Institute of Design. It was an honor to be able to share conversation and thoughts with Carlos Ribeiro and Ricardo Rodrigues (moderator).

Mapping Happiness


The blog of the Central Peripheries debuted today with an interview with ondamarela. We are very happy with the possibility of thinking, debating and creating these spaces, with these wonderful people and structures.
And soon there will be more news, with a public debate with important guests. Be aware!


Central Peripheries

Periferias Centrais is an informal working group that emerged in 2018, with the aim of reflecting and demystifying the concepts of “center” and “periphery”, highlighting the critical mass that exists in each place, sharing ideas and working methods, creating a support base among colleagues. We started, stopped, resumed, persisted and now, together and more of us than at the beginning, we created a website. Why? Because we are committed to “mapping happiness”.
If you want to accompany us, visit periferiascentrais.net
It is a great pride to be part of this group of thought and action, so timely and inspiring.

What is to be a Spectator – Conference Performance

It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in this event of the Collection of Spectators, by Raquel André. Even more, being accompanied by this luxury cast. Thank you for the invitation, sympathy and trust.

November 28 from 3 pm to 4:30 pm
Performance-conference Ana Borralho & João Galante
Conversation with Ana Borralho & João Galante, Magda Henriques (Comedies of Minho) and Cláudia Sobral (Culture Journalist)

November 29 from 3 pm to 4:30 pm
ondamarela performance-conference
Conversa Maria Vlachou (Cultural Access) and Alexandra Patuleia (Grupo Visionários / ArtemRede)

Culture: essential service

Next June 8th we will have the honor of being with Hugo Cruz (creator and cultural programmer), Madalena Victorino and Giacomo Scalisi (Artistic Directors of Lavrar o Mar), Márcio Laranjeira (Lovers & Lollypops) and Vera Mantero (dancer and choreographer, O Rumo do Fumo) in the debate “Culture: essential service” promoted by Access Culture.


The “Culture for All” portuguese program, which aims at social inclusion through culture, is no longer a priority. Funds that have not yet been committed (some simply because contracts have not yet been signed) will be allocated to measures to mitigate the direct effects of the pandemic – for example, the purchase and production of health equipment and protective goods. A new line of financing, “Cultural Network Programming”, favors cultural programming with the potential to leverage tourism and allows a different approach – more comprehensive in terms of audiences.

These clarifications on the part of several government agents provoked a heated debate for several reasons: for the view that one has of Culture and its role in society; the understanding of democratic culture; at least the contempt they seem to manifest in relation to working with people who are usually excluded from life in society in general, and cultural participation in particular; by the hierarchy of services considered essential for citizens, where, for example, Health is more essential than Culture.

And it is. That said, during the state of emergency, and now of calamity, most portuguese resort to Cultural services more than (fortunately) Health services. One thing is as essential as the other.

Because the themes associated with this subject are many, in this debate (which may be the first of many) we would like to focus on a specific aspect. Assuming that Culture is an essential asset, how is it perceived by professionals in the sector and guardianship? What language do they use to position themselves in relation to this fact? How do they feel framed by the country’s economic and social logics? Does an essential good need “support” or investment? Is an essential good served by professionals who receive fees or by aficionados who receive charity? Does the support / investment aim to support professionals in the sector or guarantee the right of access for all citizens to enjoyment and cultural creation?

Online debate: access link


The community comes together…

Regarding the project that took place yesterday in Famalicão, the newspaper Público reflected on these works, their reasons and consequences.

It’s good to know that the press still focuses on topics that really make a difference to communities.

Thanks to all participants!

Thank you Famalicão Municipality, Bairro, Novais, Ruivães, Carreira, Bente and Delães.

Thank you Jornal Público!

Access Culture Awards 2019

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Ondamarela was honored with the Access Culture Award 2019 – Social and Intellectual Access!

It is an immense honor for us to receive this recognition and encouragement from such an inspiring entity. Many thanks to all those who invite us to develop work, thank you very much to everyone who participates in it, thank you to those who give us this prize.

FNAC – Talks

“Music and the Deaf: A possible relationship”

is the name of next saturday’s talk, a partnership between Access Culture and Fnac-Guimarães for wich we were invited. Come along!

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