In common language, when one wants to refer to great feats, it is customary to speak of odysseys and by them one understands unusual feats, often utopian. This challenge proposed by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II quotes the Greek epic poem, looking for the place of the ideal, but with its feet firmly on the ground or, better said, throughout the entire Portuguese territory.
During 2023, the Theater will disseminate its artistic activity, involving the populations, cultural agents and municipal administrations of more than 90 municipalities. Like the Homeric epic, this National Odyssey is also a return to the space where the public mission of D. Maria II always resided: the breadth of the national territory.
The programming of this odyssey seeks to exponentially democratize the theatrical offer, promoting local artistic creation, with intergenerational and inclusive projects, which reflect the country’s diversity, from regional scales. It also proposes to relate contemporary thought with local identities, bringing communities closer to new artistic languages.
In 2023, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II will be present in all regions of mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira, with a program that includes hundreds of proposals grouped into five programs — Pieces (shows), Acts (participation projects), Fruits (activities for school audiences), Scenarios (thought events) and Nexus (training) — and an Exhibition.
An endeavor that, through theatre, aims to portray key dimensions of cultural activity in Portugal, creating an in-depth reflection on the different realities and promoting greater territorial cohesion with ballast for the years to come.

ondamarela on the Ítaca magazine

Ondamarela is the highlight in the 3rd edition of Ítaca, the magazine of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.
Accompanying our work at Odisseia Nacional, we talked about how we started, our vision, what interests us to do.

Check it out and we hope you like it!

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Cenários Presentes

This weekend we will be at Cenário Presentes, of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, talking about important things with people we care about.
Come to Torres Vedras!

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Who Are We?

I’ve already invented ways to massage the eyelids.
I miss the salt.
If I knew, I would fly.
I’m afraid to die.

‘We, who are we?’ is the interrogation, transformed into a project, that guided the work of ondamarela in Castelo Branco.
Last weekend, it was the moment of presentation of the project that explores the matter of which the ties of a community are made. At the Municipal Market of Castelo Branco, the elements that participated in the project, a new community, presented their voice, discovered through words, theater and music, and revealed the different bonds that formed a new “we”.
And we were forever connected to a group of people so diverse, so special, so unique.


Very special thanks to Cine-Teatro de Castelo Branco and to the Municipality, to InterrogAção, to the Professional School of the Conservatory of Castelo Branco, to Amato Lusitano-Associação de Desenvolvimento, to Art’Kompany, to Universidade Sénior Albicastrense – USALBI, to Teatro Tramédia and to “Nós com os Outros-8G”.The Atos program is an initiative of the D. Maria II National Theater and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Photos by João Roldão

Real Life – Odisseia Nacional

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This Saturday ended an adventure of WATER and LIGHT, LOVE and FEAR, MEMORY and POETRY, TODAY and MUSIC. These were full days, almost without empty spaces, doing what we love most, in our favorite way: TOGETHER.
Thank you to this wonderful group that we will hardly forget. Thank you to the theater group of the Lordelense Cultural Center, to the group Bombos Águias da Lage, to Coro Misto Mouçós, to Associacaodc Lage and to all the other participants who, individually, accepted this challenge through the open call. Thank you wonderful team, Lais and Simão who made it happen with us. Thank you Léa Prisca Lopez and André Pato for their essential help and good vibes, always.
Thanks to Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian for this Odyssey and for this challenge and to Teatro de Vila Real for the incredible welcome.

ondamarela with Atos – Odisseia Nacional

Ondamarela is also part of the National Odyssey at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.
We’re proud to be part of a program that decentralizes and democratizes creation and cultural participation, side by side with so many people that we love so much. Let’s do it!

photo by Pedro Sardinha (Bida Airada)