Tremor Festival

Comissioned by Festival Tremor 2018, in the island of S. Miguel, Azores, we conceived, developed and presented the performance Som. Sim. Zero, with a local deaf and hear impaired organization and guest musicians.
In 2019, we are comissioned to work with last year’s friends plus the Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe.

Som Sim Zero in Rock in Rio Lisboa

Som Sim Zero will be on the 25th of June at Palco Galp SPOT, at Rock in Rio Lisboa, at 15:00.
Many people have come to film and record our rehearsals at Cine-Teatro Miramar, in Rabo de Peixe, S. Miguel Island, Azores and there have been many questions and many answers. We are very anxious!

Reportagem Vídeo – Jornal de Notícias

Reportagem Vídeo – SIC

Reportagem Vídeo – RTP Açores

Reportagem Rádio – Antena 1

Reportagem Jornal Açoriano Oriental

Tremor 2022

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Those who followed our social networks realized that what was being created with the usual accomplices, the Association of the Deaf on the Island of São Miguel and with new friends, the Coral de São José, had everything to be very beautiful. The venue, Igreja do Colégio, posed new challenges, the reverberations, the absence of a wooden floor, the impossibility of playing percussions, everything opened space for a new level of creation: more conceptual, even more about sound, perception of sound, meaning Of the sound. At the same time, everything felt solemn, inside, spiritual, sacred. What was possible to create, in 10 days of many setbacks, in a joint overcoming, was a performance that fills us with pride and that touched all who managed to be there.
Thank you very much to everyone involved, your generosity and talent is impressive, thank you very much to the public, for the commitment to what was celebrated there, thank you very much Tremor festival, for once again trusting that this project has a path to follow.

Photo by Carlos Brum Melo


Our project with ASISM in Tremor this year, with the participation of elements of Associação Escolinhas da Vila, Associação Desportiva de Vila Franca and Grupo de Cantares e Serenatas de Vila Franca

It was very beautiful and intense and we think that this shows in these photographs of the magnificent Vera Marmelo.

Everything will be in our hearts.
Thank you

One More Prize

After the Communication Award of Meios & Publicidade, now comes the APCE 2020 Grand Prize for Canal180‘s film about the project we developed for Tremor with Asism Açores, Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe Music School and an incredible band of musicians from the island.

Samuel Martins Coelho, Luis Sousa, Dino Oliveira, Biagio Volandri Verdolini, Luis Senra, Gianna de Toni, João Malaquias, Rachel Korman, Cristóvão Ferreira, Leonardo Sousa.

A hug to the Galp Foundation and Galp Açores, who made this happen.

Tremor = Love

Tremor’s 2019 edition has come to an end.
We leave S. Miguel with our hearts in this project, in this people, in this music. This photoghaph by Paulo Pimenta sums up the beggining and the end of everything.
Rodrigo, attending one of the concerts, hands on the PA, listening to music. So many layers, so many memories, so many beautiful readings, that is better to leave it like this, no more explanations.Thank you Paulo, for this photo and for all your work; You were more a catalyst of good things than a photographer and that’s beautiful.

We should thank the generous people that worked with us, the amazing musicians from this and last year (thanks for so many things), everyone at Asism Açores and at Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe, everyone we crossed paths with and that facilitated it all. “No man is an island”.

Thank you Luis, Antonio, Márcio and Joaquim, for the invitation, for the trust, but also for your tremor. Please know that is special and unique what you created here and that is seen and felt. For us, tremor still is the most beautiful message Azores ever lay down to the sea, in anual bottles. A hug (another one) to the marvellous Rachel Korman, Rubén Monfort and Gui Garrido, that always put such a good feeling in what they do, that the feeling spreads and grows. Extensible to all at the tremor family. People in this for the right reasons.
A special hug to our Samuel, partner of this and other projects, lover of smiles and cows lying down and whole body musician.

To do what we love, in special places, with special people, always results in this mix of commotion and tenderness. That entrenches.

“Take the message out of the bottle”

With: Alfredo, Luis, Dino, Cristóvão Ferreira, Biagio, João Malaquias, Leonardo, Tiago Dias, Filipe Ponte, Luis Senra, Gianna de Toni, Carlos Miguel Mendes, Silvia Soraia Oliveira, Licínio, Isabel, Vanda, Adriana, Andreia Dias, Emanuel Sousa, Rodrigo, Elisabete Raposo, Ema Goncalves, Lúcia Lima, Maria Lima, Miguel Lima, Sara Lima, Augusto, Yara, Jorge Lavouras

Tremor Opening is today!

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This was a very intense creative week with Associação de Surdos de S. Miguel, Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe and a set og amazing musicians from the Azores islands.
Tremor is this special place and moment and we’re thankful to be part of it. Thank you António Pedro, Kitas, Rúben, Rachel and all at tremor’s sweet team.
Special thanks to Samuel Coelho, for all the work and talent, and Paulo Pimenta for what he is and what he’s been doing for the project, with these people.

Thank you all.

Come tonight!

Tremor 2019 – first workshops!

A ondamarela está pela ilha a trabalhar com a nossa escola de música preferida do mundo, a Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe. Juntos agora mesmo em residência artística para o Tremor Festival 2019. <3Vejam tudo pelo stories ig & fb do Tremor!#tremor2019 #tremorfestival19

Publicado por Tremor em Sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2019

Ondamarela was this weekend conducting the first workshops to create the opening concert of Tremor 2019. We worked with the wonderful Music School of Rabo de Peixe and with our dear ones of “Som.Sim.Zero.”, from last year.
S. Miguel island continues to be beautiful!


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