Tremor Opening is today!

This was a very intense creative week with Associação de Surdos de S. Miguel, Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe and a set og amazing musicians from the Azores islands.
Tremor is this special place and moment and we’re thankful to be part of it. Thank you António Pedro, Kitas, Rúben, Rachel and all at tremor’s sweet team.
Special thanks to Samuel Coelho, for all the work and talent, and Paulo Pimenta for what he is and what he’s been doing for the project, with these people.

Thank you all.

Come tonight!

Festival Tremor reúne associação de surdos, Ondamarela e Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe


Amanhã o Tremor Festival 2019 abre as portas no Teatro Micaelense.Eis o Diário Tremor #1.Programa completo| Full program: http://www.tremor-pdl.com/#tremor2019 #tremorfestival19

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9 April 2019

Posted on Tuesday, April 9th, 2019.