Vale do Este – Famalicão

On the 21st we presented our “Vale do Este”, a concert by the CSIF communities in Vale do Este, Famalicão.

It was beautiful and we are grateful to all who contributed, and in particular to the Municipality of Famalicão for the invitation.

This is the synopsis text of the show, which was written from the conversations, ideas and sounds of the concert:

The Este river valley, invited to share stories, protests, sounds, laughter and music, responded with this strength, with this desire to do new, to do differently and to do well. People who didn’t know each other came together and joined ideas and voices, in the creation of this show.

The river, the train, the figures and customs, the sounds and music they brought to the sessions, resulted in a sound postcard of this people and this place. It is a circular show, always unfinished, of searching, on the path, in the belief that all together we are looking for the better. All together we found things that we didn’t even know existed or that were lost. And as soon as we found it, we went back to the beginning, searching.

Come search with us!

The voice that murmurs

“never stop, go find”

This is our posture

Learning with the path

And it’s never so good alone

Even if you find thorns


27 November 2021

Posted on Saturday, November 27th, 2021.