Ode to Joy – Citizens Orchestra

Comissioned by the Presidency of the European Union – Malta 2017, the Citizens Orchestra was a project inspired by Europe’s anthem, the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Opened to anyone who wanted to join, with musicians from any backgrounds, skill or age, the project was grounded on cooperation and collaborative work, over several preparative sessions with the participant communities. The final performance took place at the Teatru Rjal in La Valletta, on the 14th of May, 2017.

Later on that same year, the Citizens Orchestra was invited by Malta’s government to perform on the  commemoration ceremony marking the 75th anniversary since Malta was awarded the George Cross. A small ensemble of 30 participants performed then at St George Square, in La Valletta.


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Artistic, cultural and social community based project. It started as a big scale performance in August 2015 and it became a regular programme in different areas, such as training/capacitation, thinking, research/documentation, talks/sharing, artist residencies and the big orchestra concerts. It was an ongoing process touching a wide diversity of people and institutions of Bragança, throughout 2015 and 2016.






Casa da Memória – Guimarães

Ondamarela was part of CabinCrew’s team, responsible for conceiving and producing the exposition script on Casa da Memória, in Guimarães.

Contextile 2016 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial

Ondamarela collaborated with Ideias Emergentes producing this bienal’s third edition, in Guimarães, between 30 July and 16th October, 2016.

Orquestra Filarmónica do Ouvido

Project conceived for the cultural week of Academia Musical de Vilar do Paraíso, in 2015, with the participation of every 6th grade student.


Urban re-interpretation project, proposed for “Espigar” – Locomotiva – Porto Lazer, a city’s contest open to artists in 2015.

Conceived and executed in partnership with Talkie-Walkie, António Serginho and Raul Pereira, it included workshops, guided visits, debates, food, concerts, design, photography and street performances; for children, teenagers and adults.

Oliveira Operation

Project developed for Festival do Norte 2013, Guimarães. Conducted by Tim Steiner. Hundreds of people of all ages joined, creating a site specific performance at the World Heritage city center.

Ovar’s Carnival Opening Show

We conceived and coordinated the collaborative performances with the city’s communities for the big Carnival opening shows of 2015 and 2016. Conducted by Tim Steiner.

Orquestra da Comunidade

Orchestra developed for a single show, at Braga’s White Night 2013. Composed of professional and amateur musicians from this city and coordinated by Tim Steiner.