Who Are We?

I’ve already invented ways to massage the eyelids.
I miss the salt.
If I knew, I would fly.
I’m afraid to die.

‘We, who are we?’ is the interrogation, transformed into a project, that guided the work of ondamarela in Castelo Branco.
Last weekend, it was the moment of presentation of the project that explores the matter of which the ties of a community are made. At the Municipal Market of Castelo Branco, the elements that participated in the project, a new community, presented their voice, discovered through words, theater and music, and revealed the different bonds that formed a new “we”.
And we were forever connected to a group of people so diverse, so special, so unique.


Very special thanks to Cine-Teatro de Castelo Branco and to the Municipality, to InterrogAção, to the Professional School of the Conservatory of Castelo Branco, to Amato Lusitano-Associação de Desenvolvimento, to Art’Kompany, to Universidade Sénior Albicastrense – USALBI, to Teatro Tramédia and to “Nós com os Outros-8G”.The Atos program is an initiative of the D. Maria II National Theater and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Photos by João Roldão

1 June 2023

Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2023.