The Bida Airada Post

The Bida Airada 2020 team has been working hard to try to develop collaborative creation work in the current situation. Yesterday we launched the first part of the Domestic Exploration Roadmap, as a starting point for our creation this year. This is the first part of an object that Bida Airada offers to the quarantined world. If you want to participate, follow the instructions and send us your results.
We also opened new communication channels with the participants, such as the O Correio da Bida Airada website, the e-mail ocorreiodabidaairada@gmail.com and weekly online sessions, in zoom. This website will have all the information, challenges and results related to Bida Airada, as well as documentation of this work, experiences and meetings, doubts and conclusions.
All this work smells like something new, starting from the beginning, the excitement of exploring the unknown.
For now, registrations have already opened, and that’s today’s news. Follow us!


24 April 2020

Posted on Friday, April 24th, 2020.