5th Drawer of the Closet

The Closet is back. We’re still here. And we believe that with this effort we can create an artistic archive of the immediate and direct memory of this period that keeps adding more layers.
We are developing an artistic project about this pandemic situation and we would like to count on your help. We would like to collect data about the emotional response to this crisis in different parts of the globe.
The first drawers were answered by more than 300 people, in 12 countries, aged between 11 and 75 years old.
Thanks to everyone who answered the first four parts. We would very much like you to open another drawer with us.
This project is commissioned by the Ministry of Culture in Portugal.
The final product will be released until the end of 2021.
If you still haven’t answered the previous drawers, please do so, your participation is very important to us.
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6 February 2021

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2021.