Here is the wonderful mini-documentary by our dear Vasco Mendes about a-jun-ta-men-to.
We are very proud to have been a part of this. Thank you for the invitation and thank you to everyone who participated in this difficult but good adventure!

There is something in common between people who get together, who find themselves in the same place at the same time. But will they look at the same things? Will they see the same? Will they feel something similar?

Gathering Bouça, Campanhã, Miragaia and Pasteleira around an artistic project, we work on the “gathering”, the group of people who look, who see, who feel.

Two days after we started rehearsals for the show, gatherings were declared prohibited in Portugal. The discussion we had been having became public, constant, omnipresent. What is a Gathering (“Ajuntamento”)?

We then decided to share with each other the desires, the anxieties, the emotions that we all felt, in confinement.

And the final show, a collaborative creation based on the sharing, over months, of the gathering that we are, puts on stage this idea that art is made with everything, with everyday life, with people and with your gaze.


Conception, coordination and artistic direction: ondamarela

Composition, lyrics: ondamarela with the communities of Cultura em Expansão

(with the exception of “Prelúdio”, by Raúl Seixas)

Support for the artistic direction: Patrícia Costa and Filipe Fernandes

Scenography, video and costumes: Patrícia Costa with the Cultura em Expansão communities

Musical support: António Serginho

Sound Design: Manuel dos Reis

31 January 2022

Posted on Monday, January 31st, 2022.