Yesterday we presented the work that we’ve been developing in recent months in São Paio de Merelim, Braga. It was a pleasure to work with Circuito – Serviço Educativo Braga Media Arts again, it was wonderful to meet and work with Pedro Lima, and it was fortunate that Catarina Carvalho Gomes was involved. So much talent. And it was so nice to get to know and work with the stories of the beautiful people we came across, so inspiring: thank you Carmindo, Manuel Baptista, António Luís Sousa, Boaventura Gomes, Carmo Gomes and Manuel Arantes for everything and anything else. Thank you Lais Pereira for, once again, wonderful photos.
Thank you gnration!

12 December 2022

Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2022.