Real Life – Odisseia Nacional

This Saturday ended an adventure of WATER and LIGHT, LOVE and FEAR, MEMORY and POETRY, TODAY and MUSIC. These were full days, almost without empty spaces, doing what we love most, in our favorite way: TOGETHER.
Thank you to this wonderful group that we will hardly forget. Thank you to the theater group of the Lordelense Cultural Center, to the group Bombos Águias da Lage, to Coro Misto Mouçós, to Associacaodc Lage and to all the other participants who, individually, accepted this challenge through the open call. Thank you wonderful team, Lais and Simão who made it happen with us. Thank you Léa Prisca Lopez and André Pato for their essential help and good vibes, always.
Thanks to Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian for this Odyssey and for this challenge and to Teatro de Vila Real for the incredible welcome.
Everything comes from a crossroads
From mixing another layer
Because we want, by chance, almost without thinking
There’s an act built
another place
It’s in the space, in what’s missing
That life is already startling
Between sheets, between lines, it’s a ritual
What is this city doing?
real life
A scream that was not contained – FILL THE EMPTY SPACE
Good morning from a stranger – FILL THE EMPTY SPACE
Snow when it falls on the mountain range – FILLS THE EMPTY SPACE
Weed comes out of the ground – FILL THE EMPTY SPACE
A kiss that comes as a surprise – FILL THE EMPTY SPACE
The sound inside your head – FILL THE EMPTY SPACE
Someone who does their part – FILL THE EMPTY SPACE
That chocolate candy – FILL IN THE EMPTY SPACE




31 January 2023

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023.