GENAU – Festival der Regionen BürgerInnenorchester

And our work for the wonderful Festival Der Regionen 2019 has come to an end.
Over the past 6 months we have worked with communities in Upper Austria to create the opening performance of the Festival. We have contacted more than 500 people of all ages and backgrounds, created texts, music, debated ideas, in a process of discovery and constant dialogue.
Learning habits, learning customs, learning culture and creating from it, was the challenge.

On June 28, the opening concert of the festival involved people of all ages, with all kinds of musical skills, completely committed to the theme of the festival, so dear to us: Social Warmth.
Thanks to Airan Berg for the invitation, thank you to the organization of the festival, thank you to all the artists we met, especially those who generously participated in our show (VolxFest e Centriphery / RADschen Wanderung), thank you to all the participants, thank you to all who helped to “warm up” the project with love, sympathy and humanity (thank you Marie Louise, Nikola Schiekel, Knoll family). Thank you Gerti Tröbinger and Tamina Mayerwöger, without you it would all be very different. Thank you Tim Steiner, thank you Manuel dos Reis, for the talent and efficiency.





Nachschau Eröffnungstag 28. Juni 2019

6 July 2019

Posted on Saturday, July 6th, 2019.