Ricardo Baptista

Porto, 1978.

Musician specialized in conceiving and developing work with communities.
He conceived and was the director of the “GuimarãesPlay” program at Guimarães2012, European Capital of Culture.
Conceived and/or coordinated large-scale musical events with communities, such as “Operação BigBang” (Guimarães, 2012), “Orquestra da Bida Airada” (Ílhavo, 2014-2020) “Ode to Joy – a citizens orchestra” (Presidency of the European Council – Malta2017), “Mewga Muzika” (Valletta2018 – European Capital of Culture) and “Genau!” – Festival Der Regionen (Austria, 2019) and the Adelaide Symphony Citizens Orchestra (Australia, 2023).
At Festival Tremor, he conceived and coordinates “SomSimZero” (2018 to 2023) and its participation in Rock in Rio Lisboa (2022).
He was facilitator, coordinator or artistic director of projects of the Education Service of Casa da Música do Porto and of Circuito – education service of Braga Media Arts.
He conceived and coordinated workshops and performances at the École de Musique de la Ville d’Echternach, and refugee  center Konterbont Weilerbach (Luxembourg, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2018), and at the Aldeburgh Young Musicians program (England, 2017).
He was Artist in Residence at West Way Lab 2014, and composed and performed music for Glen Calleja’s performance/film/poetry “Smoke Signals”.
He composed the sound space for the plays “[Estávamos] para lá do tempo” and “Elipse” by Comédias do Minho, “Sementes” – Comédias do Minho/Amarelo Silvestre, “Engolir Sapos”, “FluxoDrama” and “1/2 Kg de Carne” by Amarelo Silvestre.
He won in 2015 the literary prize “Maria Rosa Colaço”.